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Whether you are a seasoned adventurer or a casual traveler, Info-Mauritius is the best place to start planning an amazing holiday experience in the paradise island of Mauritius. So without much further ado find out more about the everyday life in Mauritius, the weather, top places to visit, the nature, best leisure activities, Mauritius most popular parks and much more.


Live Weather Station

The weather in Mauritius is ideal for your dream beach holidays all the year round. Pleasant temperatures and clear sunny skies throughout the year, the Mauritius weather will be on your side with just a few sporadic rainy exceptions. For regular updates follow our weather forecast.


Travel Infos

A trip to a foreign country demands a high level of organization. Here you will find first hand information about anything that you need to know before you travel to Mauritius. From visa and medical information to shopping, nightlife and excursions, we make sure that you are well prepared for the holiday of your dreams.


Travel Blog

It can be difficult and somewhat overwhelming when visiting a foreign country with so much to see and do. Fortunately, we have an insider’s perspective on all the main sights and top experiences of the island. Find all the information you need for your next getaway to Mauritius with travel tips, excursions and many more!


Activities Mauritius

Mauritius offers a rich variety of activities, tours and excursions. Depending on your preferences, budget and co-travelers’ needs, you can choose the ideal leisure activity from different categories. Catamaran cruises, safari, diving and trekking are only a few to mention from the abundant source of customized tour packages and tailor made activities.


Car Rental

There are many available car rental cervices in Mauritius differing in price, quality and variety of choices. To save you time and hustle we are bringing the top deals to you for safe and enjoyable journeys around the island. Hit the road now!


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One of the Mauritius weather characteristics is its composition of many microclimates. It can be raining in one part while another neighboring part is gleaming in the sunlight. The weather can also go through many instantaneous changes during the same day. With our real time update via satellite images, live forecasts you will always be one step ahead.


Mauritius Forum

At info-Mauritius we value the power of word of mouth. With our Mauritius Forum we bring together former visitors of the island and future holidaymakers. Together they exchange tips and learn from each other’s experiences. Join the discussion now!

Coronavirus Covid-19 Mauritius

Coronavirus in Mauritius

Covid-19 (Coronavirus) trusted source of information in Mauritius. Find all the Coronavirus updates in Mauritius, daily information about Coronavirus cases and deaths. Covid-19 news updates and other practical information.

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