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Das Board für die kleine Abwechslung. Hast Du was lustiges im Web gefunden oder was sonst nirgends reinpasst, dann hier rein!

Nike Air Max 95 For Sale trade logistics

Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Mi Okt 18, 2017 10:26

Government has agreed to reopen negotiations with Trinidad and Tobago with regards to all of the projects that would have been submitted for consideration in recent years but never implemented.Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl GreenidgeMinister of Foreign Affairs,Cheap Jerseys From China, Carl Greenidge, during an interview yesterday, provided an update on the recent high level bilateral meeting between Head of State, President David Granger and recently elected Prime Minister of the twin-island Republic, Dr Keith Rowley.“Both leaders wanted to get a feel of each other’s positions,” according to Greenidge.He said that talks also centered on both countries’ position on the Caribbean bloc of nations, CARICOM, as well as areas of mutual cooperation and assistance.He said while the get-together was largely a meeting of two recently elected Heads of State reaffirming positions on previous commitments, the two also agreed on reopening talks on a number of projects,Wholesale Jerseys Authentic, including forestry and other proposals from companies such as Ansa McAl.President David Granger traveled to neighbouring Trinidad and Tobago, on Wednesday last, where he met with new Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, Dr. Rowley.President Granger had also used the opportunity to brief Prime Minister Rowley on the recent developments regarding Venezuelan aggression, with regard to Guyana’s sovereign territory. Prime Minister Rowley expressed the hope that the matter would be resolved peacefully and in the best interest of all in accordance with international law.President Granger was accompanied by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Greenidge and officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.On the matter of the re-opening of the talks on the projects between Guyana and Trinidad and Tobago, Greenidge told Kaieteur News that the two countries would be looking to seek to implement what is practical and modify those which do not find favour, as is.One such project that had been proposed by the Trinidadians and had attracted a bit of criticism surrounds the granting of 10,000 acres of land for cultivation in Guyana.The then Trinidad and Tobago Food Production Minister Devant Maharaj, had met with the previous Guyana administration and had paid keen interest in food security, cooperation and land for Trinidadian farmers.Technical teams from Trinidad had also visited Guyana on separate occasions on the prospects of rice, aquaculture and livestock farming.The Trinidadians had expressed interest in growing rice and corn and getting involved in aquaculture. Talks had concentrated on an allocation of 10,000 acres of land to be given in one location or to be split up among different locations in a pilot phase.Another project from a Trinidadian company which had generated significant media coverage was linked to a proposed ethanol plant to be built in Guyana by Regional Conglomerate Ansa McAl.The company had commenced a feasibility study.The project was initially slated to be centered in the Canje Basin but Ansa McAl had also requested an alternative site,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, which was in the savannah region.Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Ansa McAL group of companies Anthony Sabga, had confirmed that the company is conducting a feasibility study for a bio-fuel project in Guyana.“We envisage a sugar cane plantation cultivated to produce a minimum 2,000,000 metric tonnes of high sucrose sugar cane per year and produce 40,000,Nike Roshe Run Women,000 gallons of ethanol and approximately 175,000 metric tonnes of raw sugar,” Sabga had stated.In December last also, a 15 member team of investors from Trinidad and Tobago had traveled to Guyana to explore investment opportunities and had benefitted from presentations on land availability, investment incentives, trade logistics,Cheap NFL Jerseys co, and ongoing investments in the country’s agricultural sector.The Agriculture Minister at the time had said that these persons only represent a portion of a larger group of people who are interested in possible investments in food production in Guyana.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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