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Join this Cause for Air Mauritius - Our National Airline

Das Board für die kleine Abwechslung. Hast Du was lustiges im Web gefunden oder was sonst nirgends reinpasst, dann hier rein!

Join this Cause for Air Mauritius - Our National Airline

Beitragvon Join a Cause for Air Maur » Mi Feb 25, 2009 16:02

At present, with this recession which is affecting the whole world, Solidarity is mandatory in this precarious time amongst us Mauritians.

This group recognises the Value of our National airline. We have seen in the recent past so many National Airlines being affected by tremendous financial instability. We should be proud to have a small Airline which is up to the challenge to stand firm "dans la cour des grands".

From our small Island like Mauritius, our national airline was established in 1967 and after with a humble operation in 1972 we started with a six seater Piper PA-31 Navajo aircraft & internationally after 5 years with a Boeing 707. There after during the 70s & 80s , our Paille en Queue operated Boeing 707 & 747....
To read more... join us on Facebook and look for our cause
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Join our Cause on FaceBook for the only National Airline we Have.
Join a Cause for Air Maur
Beiträge: 2
Registriert: Mi Feb 25, 2009 15:33

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