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Atlanta Falcons Jersey to no avail.

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Atlanta Falcons Jersey to no avail.

Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Mo Feb 19, 2018 9:13

A search party, including relatives and friends of 14-year-old Kevin Poulis, discovered the teenager’s lifeless body yesterday, some 50 metres away from where he was last seen on Sunday.Poulis, a student of South Ruimveldt Secondary School, disappeared on Sunday after a trip to the Aziza Akousa Resort, opposite the Splashmin’s Fun Park, with his family and neigbhours.His mother Melinda Poulis yesterday told Kaieteur News that the body was found sometime around 09:00hrs.“My father along with some other relatives found the body at the other side of the creek” the woman said.According to the teen’s mother, it was quite strange that the teen’s body was found “standing upwards” in shallow water. More eyebrows were raised when relatives who were searching for the teen on Sunday saw where the body was.According to reports the teen’s body was found on the opposite side to where Poulis and his friends were seen swimming.“I cant understand how his body reach way over there….its not like the water current carried it because there is a fence separating the creeks…not even a bottle could pass through” one relative told Kaieteur News.Further this newspaper was told by the teen’s mother that even if her son had drowned in the creek,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, with the amount of people in the water, someone would have felt his body beneath the water.“So they saying he drown….even if that’s so, that creek is always packed on a Sunday, especially on holidays,Brett Favre Falcons Jersey, the amount of people in the water there, I’m sure somebody would have stepped on the body,NFL Jerseys Outlet,” she opined.As the woman sat down yesterday recounting their last moments together on Sunday, Poulis said she had instructed her son not to go into the water because he could not swim.“In front of his friend’s mother I asked him if he could swim and he said no….so I said don’t go into the water,” Poulis said. The teen was the only child for his mother.Meanwhile this newspaper was told that a female neighbour of the teen was detained and is assisting police with the investigation. According to the police the woman was one of the last persons who saw the teen alive.Dead: Kevin Poulis Veronica Edwards, the neighbour with whom the teen went to the creek,Cheap Jordan Shoes For Sale, had told this newspaper that they left Georgetown some time after noon to head up to the creek on Sunday.Edwards said that after arriving at the creek,holesale NFL Jerseys, the boys including Poulis, her son Leyland and another teen quickly changed and went into the water.“They changed off and went playing in the water….and the adults were sitting in the bus,” the woman explained.According to Edwards,Wholesale NFL Jerseys China, about 20 minutes later the boys went into the water, Poulis came back to her and asked her to safeguard his pair of sneakers.“He come to the bus and ask me to look at his sneakers…because it expensive. I turn and tell he okay. I looking at it…and I ask he if he hungry and he say no,” Edwards told Kaieteur News.Edwards could not say if the teen went back into the water, but that was the last time she saw him.She further told Kaieteur News that she only became aware that something was amiss when her son and the other teen came and Poulis was missing. “Me son and de other boy come to the bus so I said I taking out y’all food. Where is Kevin?” Edwards stated.The woman said she immediately started questioning her son about Poulis’s whereabouts and sent him to locate the lad. Her son and another teenager went in search of the missing boy but could not find him.Some relatives of the teen who were also at the creek joined the search party and desperately tried to locate Poulis, to no avail.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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