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NFL Jerseys From China . When I go Timehri

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NFL Jerseys From China . When I go Timehri

Beitragvon yueyrt1pb1 » Sa Sep 23, 2017 18:41

A 36-year-old man has come forward with harrowing claims of being forced to have unprotected sex with a police officer in exchange for a case against him being dropped, at the very Police station where the infamous case of Colwyn Harding’s baton rape made headlines in November of 2014.The sexual assault allegedly occurred on Tuesday evening at approximately 19:30hrs in the ablution area of the Timehri Police station. Up to yesterday afternoon at 17:30hrs, the victim,Wholesale Jerseys China, the man was reportedly yet to receive medical attention.According to the victim, who lives alone, he attended a barbecue on Saturday evening. As he was going home, he was accosted by his neighbour,Cheap NFL Jerseys, who accused him of breaking into his house. He stated that his neighbour also pushed him.“So I was going to the police station to make a report,Wholesale NFL Jerseys,” the victim said. “But before I meet, the police collect me at Kuru Kuru (Soesdyke, Linden highway). When I go Timehri (police station), the detectives ask the man how he suspects me (of stealing a TV and break and enter).”He recounted that the neighbour then declared that the basis for his accusation was because “People say I am the biggest thief man.”He related that even though he protested his innocence he was placed under arrest by the detective and put in the lockups. He alleged that at the time his step son, a minor, was with him.“I was placed (in the lockups) since Saturday, punishing to eat. I telling them the story, (but) they bring a man who claim that he see me,” he said. However,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, he was adamant that his stepson had seen who really entered the house.SodomyAccording to the man, for three days he languished in the lock ups, depending on food that other inmates and their families shared with him. He said that some time after 19:00hrs on Tuesday night the detective overseeing his case came to him.“He come to the cell, took me out and said that he wants some information from me and he will send me home. Before that, he took me out and he loose the boy (step son). And he give the boy money to go back home to Berbice.”“He took me out of the lock up and tell me to give him a deep throat, let me (perform fellatio). I did that and he told me that he wouldn’t carry the matter to court; (that) he will arrest the man that did the crime,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,” He said that the detective also sodomized him in the ablution area of the station. He alleged that the detective, when he had finished with the act, told him he had not ejaculated in him.However, the victim related that after spending the night in considerable pain and discomfort, he was shocked that the next day the detective came to him and woke him up, telling him that he would have to attend court at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.“This morning (yesterday) I was surprised to hear that he is carrying the matter to court,” he said. “Since last night I hollering out (but after hearing of the case proceeding) I start hollering out (anew). There is a guy in the lockups that see when he was (having) sex with me.”“When I reach to court, I tell the Magistrate that I’m innocent and (after) the Magistrate put me on $75,000 bail, I also told her what he done to me,” the man said. “But while I was there, the detective brought the virtual complainant and they tell me that today I going to jail.”He added that the Magistrate then ensured that the police escorted him to the Brickdam Police Station,Wholesale Jerseys China, after which ranks took him to the Georgetown Public Hospital at approximately 16:00hrs. Kaieteur News understands that the victim has been under police escort since leaving the Timerhi Police Station.According to the man, he was also a witness in the Colwyn Harding baton rape case. Though he never came forward publicly for fear of discrimination, he alleged that the police nevertheless continued to harass him and accuse him of petty crimes.“Since the Colwyn Harding story I’ve never been at peace,” he said.

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moris forum membre a'élite
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