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Aktuelle Zeit: So Okt 22, 2017 12:09

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Das Board für die kleine Abwechslung. Hast Du was lustiges im Web gefunden oder was sonst nirgends reinpasst, dann hier rein!

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Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Georgetown

Clive Lloyd, former West Indies Test Captain, is being sued by contractor Kailie Ramjohn of Lot 43 Station Street, Kitty, Georgetown, for breach of contract.The matter was filed at the Commercial Court Division in the Supreme Court,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Georgetown,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, by Attorney Jerome Khan on Wednesday.Ramjohn is claiming $9,556,798 as money being an amount due,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, owing and payable by Clive Lloyd for the construction work done on a two-flat ...
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Avella serum

Avella serum healthy skin items there is a plausibility that you are not happy with the outcomes. What's more, the issue is with the items with ineffectual fixings. That more often than not push ladies towards Botox and restorative surgeries. In any case, don't stress over it, as we have discovered the ideal answer for the issues of aging. To get more info visit here:
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Games to play while listening good music

As the title says, i am looking for good games to play while listening good music, multiplayer games doesnt count since all of them can be played while listening, there is no point in pointing them out. Lel
A good example would be batman arkham city (extras) after beating the game hanging around for riddler trophies and challange maps was nice. Also single player games that doesnt have important dialogues/cutscenes, would be nice too.

I ...
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giving a game to a friend a good gift?

If the truth is you beat Tropical Freeze and don't want it anymore and give it to your friend and his new wife who have a Wii U, is that a nice gesture if they don't have money, or would they just think that you were giving them something only cuz u didn't care about the game? I beat Tropical Freeze but honestly don't even like the game that much. Not sure if I'll regret ...
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Anybody else feel Diablo III is Blizzards answer to lack of

I already get the feeling browsing the MMO-Champ and official Blizzard forums that people are already tired of Dragon Soul. And while the MoP Press Tour, did show a lot of highlights that are upcoming, it also sheds some light some speculation on how far away the expansion is. It looks as if beta is still a few months off, then of course launch a few months after that. Late summer, August\September at the earliest ...
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only person concerned about the new LFR loot rolls?

I was reading the new blue post on LFR loot rolls and I got sort of concerned. You do not have anyway to roll on off-spec gear. No granted I LFR isnt my main way of raiding but for gearing alts for multiple roles or even gearing my main, its very handy to be able to roll on LFR offspec gear. That being said, the blizzard CM did say that there would be other ways ...
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Trevor Story Jersey

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