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– Managing Director Pegasus is exploring alternative energy sources including wind energy,Wholesale Jerseys US, and if all goes as planned the hotel expects to be the first ‘green’ hotel in the country,Cheap Jerseys China, Managing Director and owner of the Pegasus Hotel,Jerseys NFL Cheap, Robert Badal.A section of the gathering at the customer appreciation cocktail.This was revealed at Pegasus’s annual customer appreciation cocktail held at the hotel Friday evening to usher in the season of ...
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The Essequibo rice farmers protest has been gaining momentum. The farmers are continuing to decry the price for paddy. Friday’s protest saw some 75 rice farmers taking to the streets again.The protest march began from the Cotton Field New Market and converged at the Anna Regina High Bridge.President of the Essequibo Paddy Farmers Association, Naith Ram,holesale Soccer Jerseys, said that he continues to lobby on behalf of his fellow farmers for an audience with the Minister ...
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