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By Rustom SeegopaulIan Francis leads the Scenic Nature Explorers as they walk to the airstrip at OrinduikHands and heads raised in victory, a group of 16 Trinidadians yesterday walked to the airstrip at Orinduik Falls, having completed a week-long trek that spanned approximately 100 miles, and took them across savannah, over hills and mountains,Wholesale Jerseys From China, and through the rainforests of Guyana.While none of the group claimed that the journey was easy, they were ...
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The recently concluded contractors’ seminar hosted by Guyana Water Incorporated was deemed a success by executives of the water company. The seminar,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, held under the theme of “Building Partnership with the Private Sector”, was conducted at the Le Meridian Pegasus.It attracted some 60 contractors being educated on their obligations as it relates to the undertaking of major projects in the water sector. The seminar focused on standard work practices and procedures that ...
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– even as the need for change is emphasised From all indications, the workers of the Georgetown municipality will not receive their December wages and salaries this year since the municipality,Cheap Jerseys Outlet, up to yesterday, had not received monies expected from Government and other sources.The municipality was also relying on the approval of a city bank to convert a bank overdraft to a loan, another scheme that has since fallen through.A recent intensified rates ...
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Essequibians are appealing to their fellows to be vigilant and not to fall prey to the wiles of a woman who is purporting to be a spiritualist.According to reports emanating from the region, several persons who encountered the con woman who reportedly said she was from Berbice. she uses her disguise to obtain monies, while pretending to be a spiritualist. Persons are fearful that the woman may continue to fleece other Essequibians.One elderly woman, at ...
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