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Much needed assistance from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent teams have started to arrive in Haiti. According to a release several Emergency Response Units (ERU) have been deployed with staff from Red Cross and Red Crescent societies all over the worldIt was noted that a first group of specialists has already started to further assess the damage caused by the devastating 7.3 magnitude earthquake that hit the Haitian capital Port-au-Prince on Tuesday. This, ...
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By Ralph SeeramI decided to glance at Saturday’s headline news before I proceeded to do my weekly column,Wholesale China Jerseys, which was going to be on a different topic. There on Kaieteur News was the headline “Fiery Friday” accompanied by pictures of blazing buildings, the work of arsonists. There were roads lined with rocks and burning tyres. The first line of the article, “anger boils over Police pre-dawn tear gas offensive”.I was boiling over with ...
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Shaquille Grant killing…The Agricola minibus operator whose car was torched last Wednesday says that he is being falsely accused of calling the police ranks who shot and killed Shaquille Grant.The minibus driver contacted Kaieteur News yesterday to tell his side of the story, while expressing fear for his safety and that of his relatives, including small children, who still reside in Agricola.He believes that the same people who torched his car also carted off a ...
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Days after Government said that it was buying out shares in the Berbice River Bridge Company Inc (BBCI), the company has announced that it will be accepting an offer by the administration to pay a subsidy in order to effect a proposed toll reduction in the charges to cross the bridge.According to a formal announcement yesterday, the management of BBCI indicated that they have submitted a proposal to the coalition government, accepting its proposed $40M ...
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