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Diamonds in Mauritius

HI There

I'm planning a trip the Mauritus in July and am will propose to my lady whilst there. I have heard that you can get really good deals on diamonds . Has anyone else bought a diamond there? Is it recommended?
Thanks in advance for any help

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Need suggestion ; school

Dear Forum

I thought i changed the subject (was: hello from Jakarta) to be more specific.

My husband has been in Mauritius since last Wednesday. From the emails he sounded very happy and excited. Too bad the cellphone provider he has there cannot connect with ours in Jakarta.

Right now he is busy to look for a school for our daughters. The company has registered them to IPS (international preparatory school) at the northern part ...
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Foreign Medical Doctor to Practice in Mauritius

Hello All...

I've been too excited to be relocated into Mauritius in a very near future, from my working place, to setup new environment, business, and offices in Mauritius. i:()

I've also been reading postings here and very much helpfull, information from all of you guys... I'm impressed that this forum can help us alot, to be made well-informed about relocation to Mauritius.

I have a family ...
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Any canadian family with kids living in the north?

Hello, I am new on this forum and would like to possibly meet families
Canadian family moving very soon in Mauritius with kids , would like to know if there are some canadian or american families living there with school age kids. What are your challenges, how the kids cope with the change, tv shows etc,

Thanks a lot for your answers
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Custom's and entry control at the Mauritius Airport

Hello! I am Devora, a woman of Bulgaria! In July, 2008 I will visit a Mauritius for the first time. My visit would be personal. I have a letter of invitation from someone in Mauritius and round-trip ticket, and passport of course. I will fly with Air France.

Would anyone of all you be so kind to give me an info about Mauritius Airport custom's and entry control just before to be granted with 14 ...
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Tax & Cost of living


I'm from India and have an offer from a company in Mauritius. I need to get back to them on my acceptance by the 23rd of May.

I don't know anyone in mauritius and hope that this forum will be of help.

Two things I need to know:

1. How much is the tax that I will have to pay? The present package offered is: 1,350,338.57 MUR

2. I smoke, I drink and i'm ...
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1 Week in Mauritius


This is kevin from China, I'm visiting Mauritius since 17/05 to 23/05 at Port louise, any suggestions for the best place in your country as I have no ideas at all?


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Studying at Mauritius in August

Hello, i am going to Mauritius in August to study there for a semester. Is anybody also there for studying. Looking for a person with who i can share a flat.
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Hello from Jakarta

I just registered and tried to browse through some postings; found them very informative :-)

My husband is assigned to work in Mauritius for the next 2 yrs. He'll be leaving on the 28th this month and I (hopefully) will join him early August, along with our 2 daughters (9 & 6 yo). We really look forward to start our life in Mauritius

I have tons of ...
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free phone number


I was wondering if anybody knows if there is a toll free phone number service for a business so the customer does not get charged


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