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Book Exchange in Mauritius?

Does anyone know of a book exchange or secondhand bookshop anywhere on the island? I'm not in a hotel or apartment block where they usually have a library and I'm rapidly running out of reading material and still three weeks holiday left!
Or is there anybody here that has any English books I can borrow? The usual holiday fiction is what I'm looking for.

Any ideas?
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Things to do

Hi first time on the Mauritius forum.

My wife and I are staying at the Maritim in June for my 40th and our 10th wedding anniversary. Can anyone advise us of the best places to go and things to do and see etc?

Will the weather be good for us????
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What is the weather right now?

I need some local people to answer, because I am flying on 26/3 to Mauritius. What is the weather right now? I saw that there is the cyclone Lola northeast of Reunion, is it going to affect Mauritius? All in all, my vacations will be rainy and windy? I saw about the cyclone and I feel very stressed...

Best regards from Greece
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Veranda Palmar Beach

Hi there - Just wondering if anyone has stayed at the Veranda Palmar Beach? Can anyone recommend any good boat trips that are suitable for us and our 8 year old son? I've seen read a bit about Parc Adventure (?) is there any feedback on that?
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Hi all
I'm new at this forum stuff so I don't know whether it works or not until someone replies.

I am planning to come to mauritius with my husband end june beginning of july to work (i'm in the tourist/hotel business) and my husband is a diving instructor. Our daughter is working there at the moment for a Tour operator.

At the moment I have been working in egypt for 18 months but both ...
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lost of 2 topics

i delete user "abhi" advertisment posting, but stupid me i delete all the topic > SORRY! :O)
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Hotel photographer and Videographer


Can anybody please tell me if you get married in a hotel in mauritius do you have to use the hotel photographer and videographer or can you hire your own independent person


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Le Mauricia

I am getting married at Le Mauricia on 22nd May 08 we have to use the hotel photographer. I was wondering if anyone has got married here and used the hotel photographer. Its just I cannot get any examples of his work and really want it for peace of mind.

Thank You
Chrissy and Stuart :roll:
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Mobile Phones in Mauritius

Hi All,

I just found this forum and it is great for answering all my little questions. We are going to Mauritius in October for two weeks and we are very excited we are staying Legends Hotel and getting married there as well. I have one question that I could not see the answer in the forum we would like to get a sim card to use while we are there as our service does ...
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Guide to Electrical Standards in Mauritius (based on EU)

In reply to a question with regards to Mauritius power standards for domestic appliances and American appliance compatibility, the answer is NO!

Within the European Community (on which Mauritius is based on) the mains voltage is currently 230V +10/-6% (50Hz) between the LIVE and the NEUTRAL terminals, together with a separate protective EARTH terminal.

In USA two live (hot) wires each separately provide 120 volts (60 Hz) relative to the neutral wire and go to ...
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