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School admission (Pre Primary)

Hi, Can people here advise me on the schooling for my kid. I am aware that schools such as IPS, Clavis and Alexandra House are good. But what about schools such Step Ahead Pre Primary, Cavendish, Hamptons etc. How do these fare on standard of education. As an expat, can i expect my child to benefit from studying in these schools.
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Need help

im a 20 year old guy and im thinking of moving to Mauritius to study at SSR college. so i was wondering if anyone can give me any tips and other stuff that i need to know. like hows the weather, the college, beaches and as im a fairly good looking guy well i think so how are the clubs and stuff there as im the only one moving there so need some company ...
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Take holiday in Mauritius

I am freshman of Forum. I want to take my family to spend holiday in June 2010. But i have no idea about accommondation and travel plan in there. Anybody can guide me? Is there any package about golf course? Your help will be appreciated.
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Obtaining a driving licence in Mauritius


My International driving licence (issued from my country) will expire in December. Any ideas how I could obtain a local one ? Where to apply? Should I have a printed picture? Cost? Thanks in advance.
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2nd Hand Laptop Power Supply needed


is here maybe someone who has a power supply for a Laptop but the laptop is no more doing it?
I need one, mine is broken, cable ripped at the worst place, right at the transformator box.
HP,Acer or Compaq should do it. Around 18.5 V and 3.5 A output.

Would be glad to hear from you.
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customs tariffs etc..

I want to send a gift to a UK national who is in Mauritius working on a voluntary basis. I have been told that there will be duty payable but I'm not sure how much or when and how the duty should be paid. Can anyone advise or point me in the right direction please. Thanks
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ideas/businesses in mauritius

hello guys ,I am mohammed from England,hoping to move to mauritius permanently in about 10 years ,want to start up some small business ,any ideas or opportunities ????
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Video - Mauritius

Read more : Video - Mauritius | Zugriffe : 1091 | Antworten : 7

A few questions from a newbie

Hi Folks,
My wife and I are ex pat Brits currently living in South Africa and are looking to move elsewhere. We haven't been to Mauritius yet and will come for a looksee before we make any decisions but before we go to the expense of a visit, I'd like to do some research and would welcome your comments and opinions on the following please.

We're both in our early 50s and in receipt of ...
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lets meet

Guys I am finally in Mauritius for almost 15 days and I would like to meet all you in this forum. If you guys can fix up a date on a weekend for a drink we can all meet either in Le sufferen Port Louis or any other place. Since I dont know any one here it would be an opportunity for me to make friends.


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