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Life expectancy at birth (years)

in 2002

68.4 :::(

Female 75.5

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National Solidarity (???)

I should perhaps need to highlight that in my opinion are three power bases in MRU. First, the economic power that is in the hands of the White; second, the political power that is in the hands of the Vaish-Hindu; and third, the media power that is in the hands of the Euro-Creole.

When power in a country is divided along ethnic grounds, it is very difficult to build national solidarity. People who pay lipservice ...
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Another NGO: Teddy's Foundation

About Teddy’s Foundation
Teddy’s Foundation, founded in 2003, is a registered non-profit and Mauritius nongovernmental organization (NGO).
Thousands of children are uneducated and facing numerous problems in Mauritius. It is not easy to raise a child with restrained income. Although education is free in Mauritius, some families do not have the means to buy pens and pencils, note books, books, bags and shoes to send their children to school.

This is a hard reality that ...
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The history of the Transport industry

To understand the public transport industry, we need to go back to history. The industry came into existence in 1954. Prior to that there were only private operators who were running their buses according to the demand of the day. In 1954, a British administrator in a bid to rationalise and regionalise the sector, decided to group these private operators into companies. Thus several companies were formed and were allowed to operate in specific regions. ...
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Tea (manufactured) 2002

1,381 tonnes

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SOS Children's Village

SOS Children's Village began its work on Mauritius in 1990, when the first SOS Children's Village was founded in Beau Bassin. In 1991, the first families moved in and in the following year, the SOS Children's Village was officially inaugurated. Four years later, in 1996, two SOS Youth Houses were opened, and in 1997, the first youths moved in, to live there during the time of their vocational training or education and to prepare themselves ...
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Production of sugar from July-December 2002

in Mauritius:
520,887 tonnes
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The Church and Shrine of Pere Laval at Sainte Croix to the north-east is only a short taxi ride or bus journey from Port Louis. Pere Laval arrived as a missionary in 1841 and fought a long campaign to better the plight of the poor and sick. When he died in 1864 his body was buried in the graveyard of the old Church of Ste Croix and became ...
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The threat of pollution

Mauritius, being a small island, has limited space to put waste. With modern products and imports, and the growth of industry and tourism, more and more waste is being dumped in the sea. Sewage is mainly pumped out to sea, without treatment, and pollution is increasing with the growth of the population and tourism.
This can eventually destroy the coral reefs which play an important role in calming the energy of the waves, providing vital ...
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What tourists dislike

Most tourists are disappointed by the lack of environmental care, road quality, road safety and signs, and social disparity in Mauritius. Other areas of dissatisfaction also include value for money in hotels, entertainment and taxi.
These major weaknesses are revealed in a study through face-to-face interviews with departing tourists.
The objectives of the study were to measure positive and negative perceptions and opinions of the tourists on Mauritius and gather actionable and up-to-date information on ...
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