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Sugar cane harvested 2003

No sugar cane was harvested during the period January to June 2003, as was the case in the corresponding period of 2002.

The Mauritius Chamber of Agriculture has revised its forecast for the 2003 crop to 540,000 tonnes of sugar, that is 3.7% higher than the 520,887 tonnes obtained during the 2002 crop.

source: centrel statistic office
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57 die in road accidents during first six months of the year

The number of road accidents reported at police stations from January to June 2003 stood at 9,457 against 8,976 for the same period last year, showing an increase of 5.4 percent, according to official statistics published by the Central Statistics Office
Among these accidents, 57 were fatal, 107 caused serious injuries, 911 resulted in slight injuries and the remaining 8 382 were non-injury accidents. During the same period, 215 «hit and run» cases were reported ...
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Economic growth revised to 4.8 per cent

The economic growth of Mauritius this year will probably reach 4.8 per cent, according to Central statistics office figures.
The Office said its estimation was based on information available on the key sectors of the economy - sugar, textile and tourism. With regard to sugar production, it estimated that it will reach 570,000 tonnes, because of the consequences

of cyclones «Gerry» and «Manou» in the fields, and the unfavourable climatic conditions that prevailed afterwards.

As ...
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335,306 tourist arrivals from January to June 2003

335,306 tourist arrivals from January to June 2003

According to the Central Statistical Office (CSO), tourist arrivals for the first six months of 2003 increased by 3.9%
from 322,707 in 2002 to 335,306 in 2003.
Most of them (90.0%) came mainly for holidays while 4.6% were on business/conference trips, and
The CSO figures indicate arrivals from Europe, which accounted for 66.8% of total tourist arrivals, rose by 2.5% to 224,045 during the first half of ...
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Yellow Pages online

find this morning this link:

so if you search for a name or a companie, give it a try.
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Cultures and Languages of Mauritius

In consequence of the diverse origins of the population several cultures coexist in the Republic. Due to the fact that around two-thirds of the population is of Indian origin and a small percentage of Chinese origin means that the Mauritian society is very much Asian in character with corresponding values. But Western and African cultural components are indeed very much present in this society. Taken together, the Asian, African and Western cultural components shape the ...
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A new species of "Bois de Pomme"

A new species of "Bois de Pomme" has been described by the Mauritius Sugar Industry Research Institute and it was named syzygium guehoi after Joseph Gueho who has immensely contributed to the study of the indigenous flora of the Mascarenas archipelago for the past 30 years.

The syzygium guehoi is a tree that can reach a height of 15 metres. The bark is light brown and gives small beautiful rose flowers. Eighteen species of syzygium ...
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Bassin Blanc

Bassin Blanc is an old volcanic crater found in the mountain range of Savanne of the south west of the island. It is easily accessible by road from La Marie road going towards Chamouny.

The edge of the crater is close to the road side but can readily be missed. The crater itself is about 350 metres wide, 50 metres deep and the bottom of the crater is 250 metres wide. Bassin Blanc is 500 ...
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A dozen storms to be expected

In the outlook for Summer 2003-2004, the Mauritius Meteorological services forecast a dozen storms in our region.

“There is a high probability that cyclonic activity during the 2003-2004 summer season will be above normal. A total of 12 named storms is expected to develop in the South-West Indian Ocean. Most of the formations will be in the region west of Diego Garcia. Cyclone activity is expected to slow down by April”, says ...
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Marie Reine de la Paix is situated on the flank of Signal Mountain and from its wide paved walkway there are breathtaking views of the city.

Erected just after World War II, Marie Reine de la Paix has always been a place of pilgrimage. In October 1989, thousands of islanders attended the mass celebrated by Pope John Paul when he made his first official visit to Mauritius.

source: uk connection
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