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Dodos Didn't Die Until Later ...

Dodos Didn't Die Until Later Than Thought
By Patricia Reaney

LONDON (Reuters) - Dodos, the flightless birds renowned for being dead, didn't die out completely until about 1690 -- some 30 years later than previously thought, scientists said on Wednesday.

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The last confirmed sighting of the lumbering, dim-witted bird that weighed about 51 pounds was on the ...
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Water Quality

Potable water supplied by the Authority are treated to meet norms met by the World Health Organistion for drinkable water. The Ministry of Health and Quality of Life conducts independent tests to ensure CWA’s compliance to the norms met by both the WHO and the Ministry of Environment.

For the purpose of monitoring water quality levels, there is within CWA a scientific service department. Samples from throughout the Island are collected daily and analysis performed ...
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Round Island

Situated 22 kilometres to the north east of Mauritius, this island is an ecological treasure house. The number of endemic plants species living there, some of which no longer exist on the mainland, together with the presence of endemic reptiles make this island a unique place.

It is some 150 hectares in extent and rises like a cone out of the water to reach a maximum height of 300 metres. The geological basic composition is ...
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Unemployment September 2003 Issue

The number of unemployed persons in year 2003 was around 54,300 (31,600 males and 22,700 females) compared to 50,800 (29,600 males and 21,200 females) in 2002. The unemployment rate worked out to 10.2% (9.0% for males and 12.6% for females) against 9.7% (8.5% for males and 12.0% for females) in 2002.

source: Central Statistics Office
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Employment September 2003 Issue


Final results of the 2003 March Survey of Employment and Earnings in large establishments and other latest available information indicate that in 2003, employment in the EPZ and the sugar sectors declined by about 4,100 and 2,800 respectively while other sectors registered an increase of about 12,300.

Total employment thus grew by 5,400 from 490,100 (324,000 males and 166,100 females) in 2002 to around 495,500 ( 327,500 males and 168,000 females) in 2003.

Employment ...
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Court clears Mauritius Hizbollah of PM murder plot

PORT LOUIS, Nov. 6 — A Mauritian court on Thursday cleared a Hizbollah leader of conspiring to assassinate the former prime minister, closing a case that shocked an Indian Ocean island which prides itself on political stability.

Cehl Meeah, head of the Mauritius office of the Islamic group Hizbollah, was arrested in December 2000 and charged with 13 offences, including conspiring to assassinate former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam in 1996, while he was still ...
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The Discovery Of Mauritius

The Discovery Of Mauritius


It is believed that the first people to set foot on the island of Mauritius were Arab sailors and merchants. Arabs merchant ships have been sailing the Indian Ocean for centuries. Important trading routes linked the east coast of Africa and Madagascar with the Arabian peninsula, India and Indonesia.

The Mascarenes Islands were a long way off the usual trading routes of Arab or Indian sailors. Perhaps the islands were ...
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Prince Edward in Mauritius

Prince Edward will visit Mauritius on the 6-11-03 for 5 Days.
:-$ :wink)
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Marriages first semester of 2003


A total of 4,570 marriages was registered in the Republic of Mauritius during the first semester of 2003 representing a 0.9% increase over the number registered during the same period in 2002 (4,530). The number of marriages forecast for 2003 is 10,650 giving a crude marriage rate of 17.4 as against 17.3 in 2002. The expected number of marriages in 2003 for the Island of Mauritius and the Island of Rodrigues are 10,460 (rate ...
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Population estimates, 1st July 2003

As at 1st July 2003, the population of the Republic of Mauritius was estimated at 1,223,074 of whom 605,251 were males and 617,823 females, giving a sex ratio of 98.0 males per 100 females. Given a population of 1,210,485 at mid-2002, the population growth during the period July 2002 to June 2003 is estimated at around 1.0%. The population of the Island of Mauritius grew at a rate of 1.0%, rising from 1,174,021 (581,332 males ...
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