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The problems of ageing population

It is estimated that the population of old people will increase by more than 5 times in the next 25 years in Africa. It will pass from 38 million in 1999 to some 212 million in 2025.

In Mauritius, the population of over 60 years, estimated at 102 000 in 1999, will cross the 332 000 limit in 2039. The Mauritian government is currently preparing a master plan on this phenomenon which is bound to ...
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La Vanille Crocodile Park

La Vanille Crocodile Park is situated in the south of Mauritius. It was opened in 1985 and occupies the valley of a former vanilla growing area. The site is the equivalent of a tropical rain forest with exotic palms, freshwater streams and local flora and fauna.

The park is the brainchild of Owen Griffiths, an Australian zoologist and his Mauritian wife who discovered that the area was suitable for the farming of Nile crocodiles. The ...
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Black River Gorge

At Plaine Champagne there are three well marked viewpoints within 3Km (2miles) of each other giving views across the Black River Gorges. The first, 7Km (4miles) from Le Petrin, is on the left and is marked "Alexandra Falls" and leads through shaded forest. The second, 1Km, is closed to vehicles and entails a short walk along a well trodden but unmarked pathway. The third is marked "Black River Gorges Viewpoint" where there is a parking ...
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Forest Cover

Prior to the arrival of man, the island was covered with dense forests consisting mainly of tall and slow growing trees. On the low lying lands along the coast, Palm savannah was to be found. At low altitudes there were Diospyros/Elaeodendron forests and on the plateau, forests of Sapotaceae.

All of the Palm savannah disappeared very early on with the arrival and subsequent settlement of man early in the 17th century. That was very ...
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Corals In General

Coral reefs are made from masses of lime of carbonate built up from the sea floor by the accumulation over thousands of years of the skeletons of minute animals called polyps. Algae called zooxanthellae live in the tissues of the polyps in a mutually beneficial way (symbiosis). Eventually, the coral reef breaks the surface of the water.

Reef building corals grow best in shallow, sunlit water up to a depth of 12 metres though they ...
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Life expectancy at birth (years)

in 2002

68.4 :::(

Female 75.5

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National Solidarity (???)

I should perhaps need to highlight that in my opinion are three power bases in MRU. First, the economic power that is in the hands of the White; second, the political power that is in the hands of the Vaish-Hindu; and third, the media power that is in the hands of the Euro-Creole.

When power in a country is divided along ethnic grounds, it is very difficult to build national solidarity. People who pay lipservice ...
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Another NGO: Teddy's Foundation

About Teddy’s Foundation
Teddy’s Foundation, founded in 2003, is a registered non-profit and Mauritius nongovernmental organization (NGO).
Thousands of children are uneducated and facing numerous problems in Mauritius. It is not easy to raise a child with restrained income. Although education is free in Mauritius, some families do not have the means to buy pens and pencils, note books, books, bags and shoes to send their children to school.

This is a hard reality that ...
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The history of the Transport industry

To understand the public transport industry, we need to go back to history. The industry came into existence in 1954. Prior to that there were only private operators who were running their buses according to the demand of the day. In 1954, a British administrator in a bid to rationalise and regionalise the sector, decided to group these private operators into companies. Thus several companies were formed and were allowed to operate in specific regions. ...
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Tea (manufactured) 2002

1,381 tonnes

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