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Zone of disturbed weather (or tropical disturbance):
An area of low pressure relative to the surrounding region; the associated cloud masses are usually not well-organized.

Tropical depression:
A non-frontal synoptic scale low-pressure system originating over tropical waters with enhanced convection and/or some indications of cyclonic wind circulation. Winds circulate clockwise around low-pressure and cyclone systems in the southern hemisphere. Gusts associated with tropical depression are generally ...
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Happy New Year 2004


Happy New Year 2004 and Happy Darius to all guests and members. Next time we will probably be able to add some photos of the newest Cyclone.

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Computer Revolution

How Mauritius Got a Computer Revolution

New Vision (Kampala)

December 22, 2003
Posted to the web December 22, 2003

John Eremu

WITH an initial input of just $2,500 - the price of a second-hand Toyota car - Mauritius has set up a computer network aimed at transforming the tiny Indian Ocean country into a cyber island.

The technology procured in April 2001 from the University of British Columbia in Canada and modified by academicians ...
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tourist magnet Mauritius

Mauritius, a tourist magnet

I could not help but ponder on the ironies charted by the course of history while munching on venison curry in a wooden hut restaurant on a hilltop in the Creole Mountains of Mauritius.

As I chewed the tender meat of the Javanese deer – which is not native to this island – I was also fed the historical facts by the charming host at Le Domain du ...
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flights to mauritius

when your are still looking for cheap flight to mauritius > have a look at::
hope it helps for people who need's holiday's, in the last minute.
best regards and merry x-mas.
stefan <X)
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Mauritius Golf Open 2003

European Tour Member Mark Mouland was celebrating after becoming the first player in the ten year history of the Mauritius Open to successfully defend the title.

The 42 year old Welshman had to draw on all his experience to manage to defend the one stroke lead he held going into the final round at the Belle Mare Plage course.

After fellow European Tour Member Christian Cévaër of France had posted a six under par 66 ...
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dit you see our page about the mauritius climate? ... limate.htm
Read more : climate | Zugriffe : 1161 | Antworten : 6

capital of mauritius

Port Louis
Read more : capital of mauritius | Zugriffe : 878 | Antworten : 0

Education Ministers to Meet in Mauritius

DONORS and African Ministers of Education across Sub-Saharan Africa converge in Mauritius on Wednesday for the sixth biennial conference of the Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA).

The meeting to run from December 3 - 6, 2003 will bring together 350 participants including 50 African ministers of education, senior ministry officials, representatives of bilateral and multilateral development cooperation agencies, and experts and researchers in various educational fields. Dr. Khiddu Makubuya, Education Minister, ...
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Question regarding hotel amenitites

In the bungalow section, I'm a little confused as to the hotel amenities offered
and I was hoping one of the forum readers may be able to clarify.
In the listing, it says that the rooms have in-room shower.
But then it will say
Toilette separately: Yes.
Does this mean that the facilities are in the room or down the hall?
Another question I have is this:
It says
Room (bb; with fan)
Room ...
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