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for our english speaking user.

ADSL prices decrease on 1st March 2009!

A nice blog post from media guru.

and here is the official orange report Avec Orange et My.T, passons à la vitesse supérieure

i hope that we will get really more speed here =)
Read more : ADSL prices decrease on 1st March 2009! | Zugriffe : 837 | Antworten : 2

Weather in May

I'm new to the forum. My fiancee and me are planning to go to Mauritius in May for our honeymoon. It would be from the 11th to the 22nd of May. I have a friend who went in July and had good weather, but then again I have read posts in other forums from people who were there in May and felt cheated by the weather.
Since there are people here who actually live ...
Read more : Weather in May | Zugriffe : 1702 | Antworten : 5

importing a car

Hi its me again, I am looking for some info on importing a car into Mauritius. I have a 1974 porsche 914-6 which I would like to bring with me and have been told that this could be a problem.
Read more : importing a car | Zugriffe : 639 | Antworten : 1

Rental Flic en Flac

Hi, can anyone give me the names or sites for companys who do long term rentals in Flic en Flac. I am moving to Mauritius mid may
Read more : Rental Flic en Flac | Zugriffe : 1242 | Antworten : 6

are there some B2B websites in mauritius

hi,i am from china,i wonder if there are some B2B websites in mauritius just like alibaba.i work in a trade company as a marketing assistant,
we can supply many product made in china,such as candle, wax,bean sprout machine,potato chip,bean vermicelli,peanut,canned food,fruit jelly,cookies,T-shirt,jeans,toy,clothes hanger and so on.if you need some product made in china,please feel free to contact us.thanks!


I am always online in daytime,so you can find me easily
Read more : are there some B2B websites in mauritius | Zugriffe : 792 | Antworten : 0

Anyone heard of CLINIQUE DE LORETTE in Curepipe ?

has anyone heard of CLINIQUE DE LORETTE (Higginson Street, CUREPIPE) ?

Their maternity ward and obstetrics division more particularly ?

Need your advice/opinion please,

merci in advance.

Read more : Anyone heard of CLINIQUE DE LORETTE in Curepipe ? | Zugriffe : 3252 | Antworten : 1

Looking for "escrime" (fencing) courses for my son

Hello, I am a new coming to Mauritius (my husband and I have just set a business here). My son of 12 will join us to start his "lycée" at LaBourdonnais. He is very happy of this new life to come, except when I explained to him that obviously there is no fencing training available. Any solution ?
He is doing this sport for 5 years and is pretty good. Many thanks for your help.
Read more : Looking for "escrime" (fencing) courses for my son | Zugriffe : 671 | Antworten : 0

pregnancy and Mauritius


I´m visitnig Your country in three weeks. Then I`m about 24-25 weeks

I`m little worried about Mauritius medical quality.
Can You please let me know how developed are prebirth babys care and
high risk pregnancy care?

IF my baby decided to born in Mauriitius, then how good are life chance in
your country?

Any kind of information will be helpfull.

Thank you and I hope you can write me back.

Best regards
Riin ...
Read more : pregnancy and Mauritius | Zugriffe : 760 | Antworten : 1

Midwife, accoucheuse, sage-femme

je recherche la accoucheuse habile.

I am looking for experienced skilled midwife.

Read more : Midwife, accoucheuse, sage-femme | Zugriffe : 737 | Antworten : 0

Call to Mauritius


Anyone knows the cheapest way to call Mauritius from the UK?

I have no landline so only use my mobile phone for calls. Normally, I would use my Tesco sim card for this, calling an '077' number as access number. I usually had free minutes when I topped up so I was ending up paying around 5 p a minute. I cannot call to that number for cheap anymore due to their new pay-as-you-go ...
Read more : Call to Mauritius | Zugriffe : 948 | Antworten : 8

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