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Maritim Hotel

going to Maritim hotel on 11th July for 2 weeks, do men have to wear long trousers in the all the restaraunts, or will smart three quarter length trousers be acceptable, also can you get a helicopter trip around the island from the hotel, if so how much does it cost. Any other info about the Maritim would be gratefully received
Many thanks in advance
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Voluntary work

Hello all!

I am a german Studend and would like to spend three Month on Mauritius, when I finished my exames.

Which is why I am searching for voluntary work on Mauritius. Do somebody know an Organisation, for example environmental work?

Greetings Bianca
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Cost of meals and drinks in Trou-aux-biches and le paradis


booked half-board for a week each in these 2 resorts in July. Has anyone
got an idea of what we might expect to pay for lunch and for drinks?
We are trying to estimate our potential costs, but it's difficult when you don't know the price of stuff outh there.

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Flying to Mauritius - which airline?


First time in Mauritius in September. Honeymoon!

Anyway, I have a question about airlines. Flying from London, I seem to have a choice from three - Air Mauritius, Air France and British Airways. Do any of these compare favourably? I despise flying, it'll be my first long haul trip, and I don't want it to be a nightmare...

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Hi, I was in MUR in february, it's an amazing place, of course, I miss it so much. How does people live, who went to work there, who isn't an aboriginal. Why have they decided they will work and live there? How about living with mauritians? Is there any hungarian in Mauritius?
I'm awfully sorry,my english is very poor.
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Hello! Couple of questions from a first-timer to mauritius

Hello everybody,

my husband and i are planning our first trip to mauritius in July. We are on the brink of booking, but have just been receiving bad info about the weather in July. We want lots of sun and heat; can anyone tell me iof mauritius is cool at this time of year and what to expect?

Was also trying to decide between Heritage or Legends resort. Am leaning towards Legends now as it ...
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Visiting Mauritius in June

My wife and I are visiting Mauritius at the end of June staying at the Paul et Virginie hotel at Grand gaub.

What is the temperature like at this time of year ?

Hotel ok ?

Is Grand Gaub very big or a small village ?

Are there any bars / restaurants there ?

Good places/beaches to visit locally ?


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Info Needed


I am hoping to travel to Mauritius soon and am trying to pick a hotel, there are a few things i wanted to know prior to this...

What part of the island is best for what? (e.g. North, East, West, South)

1. Nighlife
2. Beaches
3. Windiest part
4. Sunniest / Hottest part

Any further info on North, East, West, South would be gratefully received!

Thanks in advance!
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Exploring Mauritius

Hi all,

Reading through the forms has been very helpful.

I’m coming in November for my sisters wedding but am planning to stay longer after family returns to the UK. A 2 week budget break.

Having only just finished University I’ve been looking for hostel and cheap accommodation for single person (quite difficult to find), and am coming to settle on Heron Villas in Mont Choisy. Unfortunately all the UK accessible web sites just repeat ...
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Looking for contakt to journalist at Rodrigues

Hi there :he()

I´ve just started to work as a freelancer in a small television production company. I want to make a short story about Rodrigues. I´ve already got a contact on the island, but it´s getting a bit difficult, because I don´t speak créole. So I´m looking for somebody at Rodrigues, who has already worked as a journalist and who would like to do some interviews ...
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