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for our english speaking user.

Proposed development of Agalega


I'm a university student in Perth, Western Australia and I'm doing an assignment on the proposed tourism development of Agalega Island, 1100 kms North of Mauritius.

I was hoping to use your forum to conduct some very unscientific, straw-poll type research, so could anyone who has heard of Agalega or the proposed development either respond to this post or take part in the attached poll?

Thank you for your help

David Mulder
Read more : Proposed development of Agalega | Zugriffe : 880 | Antworten : 1

Looking for a JoB in MAURITIUS

Dear friends,
I love to live in Mauritius. I'd like to work there.Is it possible?Someone knows if there's any vacancies.I'm 30 years old,italian,I speak very good english and Italian of course.


Read more : Looking for a JoB in MAURITIUS | Zugriffe : 1498 | Antworten : 0

Questions regarding Mauritius - Advice needed

Dear all

My girlfriend and I are arriving at Mauritius in October. It's our Honeymoon. We have 7 days at Mauritius, and I have a couple of questions, to which I hope to get some advice.

1. I have read that it is not advised to rent a car, since the driving can be somewhat awful on Mauritius - I have also heard that it's much more convenient (and cheaper) to hire a cab-driver for ...
Read more : Questions regarding Mauritius - Advice needed | Zugriffe : 2934 | Antworten : 3

Any football fans??

Hello all,

Really am looking forward to my trip to Mauritius next week (for the Honeymoon).
Could anyone tell me where/if it's possible to see the football match between United and Liverpool? It kicks off 12 at night Mauritius time on Monday night 20th Sept.
(it's not just for me... the be..likes it as well!!) :wink)

Thanks a lot!
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I wanna learn Créole!


Ok, i'm new to these forums, but baiscially I am half Mauritian, and live in england at the moment. I go to Mauritius every few years, but I do not know creole well at all so i find communicating there hard! I would love to be able to learn the language so any idea how i could improve?

I can understand quite a bit, but being ...
Read more : I wanna learn Créole! | Zugriffe : 974 | Antworten : 1

I want to open(buy) a Bar in Mauritius.Can you help me?

Dear friends, I want to open a bar or a restaurant (maybe Italian) in Mauritius. I was in Mauritius 2 years ago and I loved it. I'd like to open a bar or restourant (or buy it). How can I do ?
Please help me.

Read more : I want to open(buy) a Bar in Mauritius.Can you help me? | Zugriffe : 1075 | Antworten : 1

An Update: "I need an Opinion"

Hi guys,
Just thought i'd give you an update. I posted "I need an opinion" a few topics ago. Well its decided; i'm coming to Mauritius in October for three months to see the place, spend time with my g/f and her family. See how things go.. see what there is to see :roll:

Should be fun. Thanks for all your comments so far :)
Read more : An Update: "I need an Opinion" | Zugriffe : 1110 | Antworten : 1

+++NEW+++ weather station - always actual weather

Hi Mauritius friends,

to improve our service around Mauritius I brought a weather station from my last holiday. Stefan was very fast in fixing, connecting and integrating it in our site. :ploppop

A first version you can find here:

sunny side up - weather station

Please note that the site is far from being ready, but I hope you can enjoy it already.

Have fun with our ...
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Horse racing in Mauritius


Could anyone give me some info on horse racing on the Island. I will be there in September for a couple of weeks and I'm planning a day at the races. I would really appreciate any info regarding admission prices, size of crowd and anything else really.
Also are green fees expensive on the island. :


Read more : Horse racing in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 838 | Antworten : 1

Good deal on flights

Hi all

Hopefully one of you out there in that big wide world can help me ! I am traveling out to maurice in november but am looking for the best deal on flights. Can any of you recomend a good travel company to book with? the best deal i can get for november with air mauritius is £620 i am sure i can get a better deal than that !

thanks for your help ...
Read more : Good deal on flights | Zugriffe : 1659 | Antworten : 4

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