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Long distance relation Germany Mauritius


My name is Sabrina im 21 years old and i have since january 2009 a long distance relation with my mauritian boyfriend.

I dont have people here in germany to talk about this topic and now i found this froum. maybe u are also in a long distance relation like me and u want to talk about it with someone making the same experiences??!!

Im happy to get answers!! We can also write per ...
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I will soon be traveling to Mauritius for work, I work in Garment Production and I will be there for about 6 weeks setting up a new project and I have the following questions:

1) The textiles plants, are they centered in one area of the country or are they spread all throughout?

2) What is the cost of beer in a local supermarket? What is the cost of beer in a bar?

3) What ...
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Recomendation for GP, Eyes & Ears Doctor/s

Hello again!

The school of my kid sent him to go for a medical cheack of eyes and ears, so that to ascertain wheather a hearing or sighn defect may be cause a problem at school. As I am here since February and still have not accustom to medical services, may I ask you kindly for any recomendations - GP, Doctor/s name or Medical Center/Clinic ? Thanks in advance!
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Renting place for a private party


I moved to Mauritius together with my family few months ago. We are very happy to live here. :cool: I would appreciate if anyone could help me with finding place (hall, private house, etc.) where we can host and organize our Birthday Party in July. We prefer locations as Albion, Flick an Flac, but any suggestions are wellcome. We wish to rent the place for 5hours ...
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Ordering tours and excursions online?


I will be visiting Mauritius during August for 7 days.

Because I will be coming for a relatively short time, I want to order in advance some activities which my husband and I can enjoy during our stay, such as: catamaran cruise, swimming with dolphins, hiking trip and maybe some other activities (any suggestion?)

Can anyone recommend of a good reliable website I could use ordering some of these excursions and also some tours ...
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mark all......

why mark all topics read-link don't work?
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Need ur opinion


could anyone share standpoint about Dr Aumeerally as an obstetrician / gynae and her Bon Pasteur childbirth center please ?

Really need your opinion, thanx.
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Wheather during September in Mauritius

Please could you give us some information about the average Weather Condition in the Region "Le Morne" during September. We like to visit Mauritius as a Honeymoon, but there are lots of people who told us, that it´s gonna be rainy and cold (about 18-22 degr.C) in the Month of september .
As we wanna swim, do some waterskiing and relax in the sun please be honest with us,

lots of greetings from Austria,

Jürgen ...
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Kannadigas in Mauritius

Hi, I am an Indian working in Mauritius since last year. I'd like to meet Kannada speaking people in Mauritius. Thanks to my working hours, I'm socially dead - nearly. I've heard of Kannada Sangha here. However, I haven't been able to find out anything more.

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Deals for Mauritian Residents


I have recently moved to Mauritius and working for a company in P.Louise. I am out here for some information, can any one suggest me a website or some contact who can help me with good rates in some of the nice hotels in Mauritius.

I was told by someone that most of the hotels do a Mauritian rate for locals during off seasons, so I am wondering if I can get any good ...
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