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Motorbike in Mauritius?

Who can help us? We are looking for renting a Motorbike for a few days. Is there a possibility to ride off road? Maybe a club or an owner of a guesthouse, who is enduro-mad as me?
I’m glad for any information or contact.
Thanks+Bye :roll:
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job availability

I am studying abroad in Mauritius next semester, January until May!! And I'm very excited but I'm considering staying there until August. Does anyone have any idea about how easy or difficult it would be to find a "summer job" there, waitressing or in a cafe or shop or hotel or something along those lines? And also how much a job like this might pay?

Thanks so much!
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Weather in January?

Please can anyone tell me how much rain there is in january and if there is more rain on the east coast or the west coast.
My family are hoping to book 2 weekks at the La Pirogue and I am a bit worried that it could be a washout.

Any info would be appreciated.
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Best kept secret in the world..............

Well I have just returned from the best kept secret in the world. It is truly an extraordinary place. The sunsets were awesome.

I had to be physically dragged kicking and screaming to the airport by my wife!! How can you console yourself after staying in such an idyllic place? Easy, book to go back next month!!

The locals were extremely friendly, and I couldn’t get over how inexpensive everything is in the local shops. ...
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Le Morne


me and my partner are going to stay in Les Pavillons at the End of January. Is there any nightlife around apart from the hotel intertainment?

Many thanks

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We are getting married in mauritius next september. We are there for three weeks and are flying air mauritius. We were thinking about upgrading to business class for either one way or possibly both. Although it's not massively expensive it is still a fair few quid extra was wondering whether it's worth the added expense.If anyone has been business class would like to hear what you reckon.

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long term leased acco in mauritius

hi All,
any pointers to house brokers or real estate agents who can give 1 bedroom house on rent for a period of 1 year or more?
thanks in advance

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Fishtank holder on island

i just bought a fishtank here on the island, freshwater tank and i wonder what will be happen if we get into summer time.
will the fishtank temerature rise over 30 C ?
what is about the fish then, as they love 24-27 C.
anyone have here experience?
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weather in mid october

Hello everyone,

We are getting married in le canonnier hotel on the north west of the island.
Can anyone advise me of what i can expect the weather to be like in mid october.

Also any ideas of what the best time of day would be for a wedding? I want the light to be good for photos.

Also any reviews or opinions of this hotels would be appreciated.

Many thanks
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we (me, my wife and 5 years old daughter) are going to spend 2 weeks on Mauritius in February. I'm starting to plan our time on the island and wonder what to choose, organised excursion packages offered by my hotel, or self-organised trips with help of local taxi drivers. I received couple of offers from my hotel, i.e.:
a/ ile aux cerfs - 1 day incl. bus shutle, boat shuttle, visit to waterfalls, lunch ...
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