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for our english speaking user.

places to visit

hello, can you recommend some places my husband and I can visit when we come over to Mauritius in March. We are in our late 50's. thanks
Read more : places to visit | Zugriffe : 1773 | Antworten : 0

Blue safari submarine

Any one know where i can get a discount on the blue safari submarine trip??
Read more : Blue safari submarine | Zugriffe : 799 | Antworten : 0

Swimming in the ocean

Can anyone please tell me if it is dangerous to swimm in the sea around Mauritius. I ask, because I haven't seen any pictures of people in the water. :ob
Read more : Swimming in the ocean | Zugriffe : 1319 | Antworten : 1


What is this area like i read on this site somewhere that it is not a good area to holiday...why ?
Read more : GRAND BAI | Zugriffe : 1040 | Antworten : 2

Planning admission to Le Bocage midway ... any suggestions?

Hi all,

I am planning admission of my child to the IBDP program of Le Bocage in Moka. Their academic year begins from January, and my child shall be able to apply of admission only after he finishes writing his final exams in March. This means that if he does secure admission in the school, he would already be late by almost 3 and a half months.

Everything I have learnt thus far about Le ...
Read more : Planning admission to Le Bocage midway ... any suggestions? | Zugriffe : 843 | Antworten : 3

In search of a long lost Mauritius friend...

I'm in search of a long lost friend from Mauritius by the name of Sharon Pudman. I've been looking for her for years on the net but with no luck!
If anyone knows her and could pass a message on could you let her know that Joe from London is wanting to find her and say hi.
She used to live in Roche Brun.

Hope someone can help,

Read more : In search of a long lost Mauritius friend... | Zugriffe : 1672 | Antworten : 2

villa recomendations please

we are 4 english, tired teachers looking for a beautiful beachfront viila to rent for 2 weeks easter hols 2007.
any recommendations.
also where would you say is the best location for a villa vacation, bearing in mind the need to shop for food/supplies and the desire to eat and drink well in the evening.
many thanks
lyn :cool:
Read more : villa recomendations please | Zugriffe : 661 | Antworten : 0

Cost of Living???

Could anyone tell me, what would be the Cost of Living?? I am talking about everything rent, food, water, electricity, ect.. Thank for your time... :lol:
Read more : Cost of Living??? | Zugriffe : 2191 | Antworten : 0

ilot malais

anyone know anything about ilot malais a private island in the south.
it is available for rental and we would like to know if anyone has info about it and/or the surrounding area.
cheers :cool:
Read more : ilot malais | Zugriffe : 573 | Antworten : 0


[please can you inform me on the mosqiuto situation in mauritius, as i have heard that in neighbouring islands ,people have become quite ill if bitten and 1 child has actually died.
Read more : mosqiuto,s | Zugriffe : 13535 | Antworten : 51

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