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2 weeks on Mauritius in August

I'm honeymooning on Mauritius for two weeks in the middle of August?

We were thinking of some bungalows in Le Morne, be we are afraid that it is a little remote and we want a little night life/cafes (we're coming from 6 weeks in madagascar).

Should looking for simple bungalows (on/near the beach) not too expensive). And we plan to cook about half our meals. Where else should we look.

Can we get to Mauritius ...
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I am wondering if SKY SPORTS is available in Mauritius. I know i should not be interested in television when visiting such a wonderfull place, but some members of our party will " Need " to watch Leeds play football in the playoff final. We are staying at the shandrani, so if anybody knows of any towns near by offering Sky, it would be appreciated.
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When is the best time to holiday in Mauritius

Hi, I want to plan a holiday in Mauritius soon, but when is the best time? When is it not too crowded, but there is enough activity and events to enjoy the local entertainment?
When is the best weather? :O)
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Tap water

Is it safe to drink water from the tap?
Read more : Tap water | Zugriffe : 1817 | Antworten : 2

Electric Plugs

Is the UK 3 pin style plug used throughout Mauritius ? Or will we need an adaptor ? :he()
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climbing "Le Pouce"

We like trekking and during our next trip to Mauritius we'd like to mount "Le Pouce". Does anybody know where is the best starting point and how long does it take to climb to the top? Is the way easy to find? Are there any kind of marks or signals? Thank you!
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Attendin conference at Paradis Hotel 7th - 12th june

Hello Every1,

I will be in Attending a conference at The Hotel Paradis. Please help with place of interest to visit. I am 28 so vibey i:() atmosphere is for me, night clubs, meeting & making friends, culture & monuments in new places is my thing. If any around at that time, message & we'll meet up.

Are place far away from each other & Is traveling ...
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car rental

We are thinking about hiring a car during our holidays in Mauritius next July. Do you need any special paper to drive there, or is it ok with a normal driving-license? How much does it cost (more or less)? Is it better to arrange it in advance or just wait and get it once there? Any good place to rent it? (We'll be staying close to Grand Baie) Any experiences from people who have rent ...
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Mauritius in July

Hi, we are thinking of going to Mauritius on our honeymoon next July, but are a bit worried about the weather. If you ask the travel agencies, Mauritius is an all-year-round destination, but if you search through the forums it seems not to be so... We are not looking for extremely hot weather, but just warm enough to enjoy lying on the beach and swiming in the sea. Will we get that at that time ...
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cost of living


I'm thinking about living in Mauritius, but would like to know more about prices out there.

Can anyone let me know some prices of some basic foods please?
1 litre of fresh milk?
A loaf of bread?
1 kg. basmati rice?
Long term rental of a furnished 2 bedroomed apartment near Port Louis?
Price of fruit and veg?

Anything else you might think is useful, or that came as a shock to you!
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