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Travel in July?

Hi, we're looking to send my parents on a surprise holiday to Merville Beach Hotel mid-July. That's the only time that we can get them over there. How good/bad is the weather then? I've been once before with my husband in December 2002 and absolutely loved it.
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Planning to move to Mauritius - few queries, please ...

Hi all,

I have gone through quite a few posts and threads on this forum, and the bonhomie here :ploppop encourages me to put up a few queries of my own. :mrgreen: So here goes:

1. I am exploring to move to Mauritius on a three-year work-cum-residence permit, under the SAPES scheme. The latest information that I have ...
Read more : Planning to move to Mauritius - few queries, please ... | Zugriffe : 1632 | Antworten : 0

Blue Bay

Hi there,

I am currently in Mauritius and staying in G/Baie. I have experianced a few excursions already. whilst visiting one of the islands i met a lovely lady who was staying at Legends. She told me of an excursion she had to Blue Bay - ILe DES 2 COCOS. It sounded so exciting so decided to find out about it.

I have been to all the tour operators to discover they do not do ...
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Travelling alone for 7 weeks in Feb-March....!!!!! Any TIPS?

Hi there!

Im a med student from the UK coming to Mauritius for 7 weeks at the end of Feb! I'll be doing a bit of light work in the SSRN hospital and plan to enjoy myself big time!

Bit nervous about travelling on my own, but I'll hopefully make lots of friends!!
Also flying with Air France, and i am now totally petrified to fly with them now, as i was reading about how ...
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Medical clinic list needed.

Hi everyone,

Could anyone provide me with a list of private medical clinics in Mauritius ideally with their email addresses?

If anyone has had a particularly good or bad experience with any of them that would be good to know as well.

Thanks in advance.
Read more : Medical clinic list needed. | Zugriffe : 3905 | Antworten : 2

small children and car hiring

Hello Mauritius!

In few days we are flying to Mauricius. We would like to
rent a small car ( Fiat Punto or ... ) with baby seat(s).
Can you give me some ideas where to pre - book a car via
mail or internet to get a fair deal for longer rent - 20 days.

We are used to travel, but do we need to be extra careful
about something ( desease, insects....) when being ...
Read more : small children and car hiring | Zugriffe : 1213 | Antworten : 3

Ocean Island tours?

I booked 3 nights for La Pirogue and Le Pavillion through Ocean Island Tours ( Is this tour operator trustful?
Read more : Ocean Island tours? | Zugriffe : 7426 | Antworten : 18

cyclone in Jan./Feb.?

hi everybody!

is this true that there's strong possibility that a cyclone might hit MRU within next weeks? I'm a little bit concerned about it, since I'll be there from 27.01 till 10.02 and wouldn't be happy if there's also a cyclone ridin' around :-(

Best regards, Bartek
Read more : cyclone in Jan./Feb.? | Zugriffe : 862 | Antworten : 1

anyone in Grand Baie in Feb.?

hi everybody,

some technical problems caused that all recent posts, incl. those written by me, have dissappeared. Therefore I ask again: is anyone of you going to visit Mauritius in late January/beg. of February. Together with our almost 6 years old daughter, we'll be there from 27th of Jan. till 10th of Feb, staying in Ocean Villas, Grand Baie. It would be nice to meet a Forumuser over there...

Best regards

Sylwia and Bartek
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Honeymoon in June

Hi Guys and Gals, :he()

I've got a quick question for you. I want to book our honeymoon in June 2006 and Mauritius looks a wonderful place to spend 2 weeks relaxing. I've checked the average forecasts and 25 degrees sounds pleasant. My partner and I love the sun and clear blue skies but will we get this in June? I know no one can guarantee the ...
Read more : Honeymoon in June | Zugriffe : 2038 | Antworten : 2

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