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for our english speaking user.



Can anyone let me know what the weather is like in Grand Baie?

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Mon Choisy Beach & old toilets

Mon Choisy beach is currently under disoute between the Beach Authority, some leaseholdes or licenceholders, traders and the community.

The short story seems to be that new public toilets were built at Mon Choisy beach. A firm has been given licences or approval from one authority to turn the old toilets into a restaurant and other facilities (note the old toilets are not being torn down, just converted). The beach traders (stalls) are objecting as ...
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test mauritius

just a test
mauritius, hotels, water, all the sun with the beach of sand and numbers of birds in the sky.

we gone delete this topic later, it is just a test.
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American Ex-Pat Blogging From Mauritius

I've just launched a new blog detailing my experiences as an ex-patriot living on Mauritius. FYI, I've been living here for over 4 years now so I've accumulated quite a bit of first-hand knowledge and advice that I'll be dolling out over the coming weeks. Here's the URL:

Read more : American Ex-Pat Blogging From Mauritius | Zugriffe : 17991 | Antworten : 78

Hiking Tours


just some days ago I started a thread in the german forum but maybe there are also some english speaking people interested:

How about having a hiking tour through the Black River Gorges National Park? As from what I heard the tour takes about 4 hours and will end around Grand Bassin. I maybe can ask a colleague of my wife about the tour and if she will assist. I went there alone recently ...
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Please help filling in the survey for Master thesis

Hi everybody,

I am a Master student at the School of Informatics (Lund University) and I am conducting a brief anonymous survey for the Master Thesis to study about user's privacy and risk taking on Social Networking Communities. If you could take five minutes to fill out the survey below, it would be invaluable help to me.

Here is a link to the survey:

Thank you so much ...
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heh, why here is so quiet?
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Swimming CLUB


My son (8 year old) is looking for a reliable SWIMMING CLUB/s here in Mauritius to train and practice swimming.
Can anyone recommend me or share his/her experience ?
Where kids can practice this sport here ?

Thank you!

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wedding in mauritius

i am looking for some advice on a good time of year to get married in mauritius. i'm confused by all the sites i have looked on regarding climate.
i like hot sunny weather and don't want to get rained on, although i don't mind rain at night!!

please help if you can, any advice much welcomed
laura x
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Help understanding Mauritain society

Good day all,I'm a 3rd year marketing student from Johannesburg,South Africa and I'd very much appreciate your input regarding
an assignment I have regarding Mauritian society.

The brief is to launch Rooibos (a SAn herbal tea) in whatever market of our choice (we chose Mauritius) and therefore develop a concise marketing plan.Please answer the following for me if you can.

(a) Is tea drinking an integral part of Mauritians past time? Is there any group ...
Read more : Help understanding Mauritain society | Zugriffe : 1297 | Antworten : 3

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