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What to buy in Mauritius (and where)


I've heard obut some international textile brands like Ralph Lauren that have (or had?) some factories in Mauritius. But in this forum i have only read about Billabong one.

Where must I go shopping for textile?

What else should I buy at the island?

Thank you very much! :ploppop
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looking for a friendship in Mauritius...

My name is Loocas, i am 21. My dream since i was a kid is to live in Mauritius, and i follow this dream.
I study Business in Ireland, so it will be easier to get into Mauritian University and live there for some time.
Then i would love to set up my life there.
That is why i would love to have any friendships there.
If you live in Muaritius and would like to ...
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Bespoke Suits.

I am visiting Mauritius in April and i was thinking about trying to get a suit made for me while I am out there.

does anyone know of a good (an inexpensive) tailor out there?
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need help-honeymoners

my brother and his wife will be in their honeymone in a few days,and staying in le preskil.I am trying to arange something special for them(privete dinner at the beach,spa treatment,champaine,fruit,flowers....)please shine in-any other ideas apreciate it.never been their and have no clue.Hotel front desk-no help.thank you.
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Dear all,

A very long and lively topic in our German forum shows us the high interest in the developments of this virus in Mauritius.
As we don’t appreciate some panic reactions in certain press releases we found this report we think is more objective and helpful:


Threat from Chikungunya, No Longer a Fear

Indian Ocean region was suffering from a crippling mosquito-borne virus disease the Chikungunya fever. It had infected some 150,000 ...
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Shopping in Port Louis

What are the best things to shop for in the markets & Port Louis. What are approximate prices of things to bargain to?

Read more : Shopping in Port Louis | Zugriffe : 2511 | Antworten : 4

Massage included at The Sands Resort?

Does anyone know if the massage is included in the price for staying at The Sands Resort? Or if not, approxemately how much can we expect to pay.

Looks as if it is a wonderful resort. Can't wait. Only 45 days to our visit starts there, and looking out the windows now, they can't come soon enough. It snows. :::(
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Trip to South Africa from Mauritius

I am planning a month in Mauritius in October/November this year to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary and my **th birthday.
We are hoping to stay in several guesthouses around the island and if possible, combine this with a short trip - maybe 4-5 days in Cape Town. Does anyone know if I can arrange this when I'm there or should I get it sorted before we go?
Also, any rough ideas how much ...
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Shops near La Meridien


I've read that textile is cheap on Mauritius. And because we will get married in La Meridien, we are wondering if there are some textile shops nearby hotel La Meridien.
For us it will be easier to buy swim suits, swim shoes, dress for marriage on Mauritius, than here in Slovenia and than load all those stuff to Mauritius. And also if it's cheaper than in Slovenia why not.
So please help us to ...
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places to visit

hello, can you recommend some places my husband and I can visit when we come over to Mauritius in March. We are in our late 50's. thanks
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