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for our english speaking user.

Where can I hear Sega Music without hassles! :he()

Wish to hear enchanting Sega music.

Can someone pl. help me!!

Read more : Where can I hear Sega Music without hassles! :he() | Zugriffe : 828 | Antworten : 2

Living in Mauritius

well, i'm frm usa and is planning to marry a mauritian. i've done some research of my own on this far i really like what im reading abt n wat i've been told about. what i reallly wanna know is the job opportunities there and the average salary.
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a little advice

Hi all,

I am planning to travel to Mauritius for the first time next year. Thinking of booking the Pointe Aux Biches on the north west side of the island and wondered if anyone had any expereince or info.

But more so, and apologies in advance as I know this has been well mentioned, I would be really glad of any info or reassurance regarding weather. Planning to travel in mid September, I have read ...
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Girls, be carefull, if you travel with "Air Mauritius&

! READ -WHAT HAD HAOPENED TO ME! Just recently I travelled from Mauritius to one of the European cities with “Air Mauritius” airlines. During my flight I suffered from migraine, and asked cabin crew for assistance. Flight purser, Mr ( somebody ), WHO called himself ( anybody ), provided me with some medication. He also gave me a lot of compliments, brought me additional drinks and food. He asked if I would like to meet ...
Read more : Girls, be carefull, if you travel with "Air Mauritius& | Zugriffe : 6292 | Antworten : 17

Weather in Feb

Hi there,

I am due to go on holiday to Mauritius in February (Wolmar, west coast) and am now a bit concerned that it is going to rain non-stop for 2 weeks! Any advice appreciated on what weather I am likely to expect!

Thanks loads!
Read more : Weather in Feb | Zugriffe : 1583 | Antworten : 4

Yoga and Dance in Mauritius

Hey Everybody,

I'm a yoga-and dance teacher.I would like to teach in Mauritius.
If anybody has some contacts to hotels,yoga-and fitness studios,please let me know! :-)

Thanks a lot,

Niki Som
Read more : Yoga and Dance in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 609 | Antworten : 3

The beautiful pics and a small belief of mine

The pictures taken by all those who had a chance to got to Mauritius are

really awesome!! they really give you an insight of the beauty of the

island. LOL there are some places I haven't been to although I'm

Mauritian and that's the real fun of it coz there are so so many places and

cool spots to discover sometimes on your own and sometimes with ure

family and friends.

Some rules and regulations ...
Read more : The beautiful pics and a small belief of mine | Zugriffe : 898 | Antworten : 0

What tackle to bring?

I would like to do a bit of shore fishing when I visit the island and I have a couple of questions for the more experienced anglers on here:

1. Could I get away with using a light carp rod or barbel rod to fish from the shores?

2. What would be the best approach to fishing the shores? i.e. lures or bait

3. What type of shore fish could I expect (or should that ...
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Mauritian Passports

I've heard that all Mauritian citizens, by birth or descent are entitled to a Mauritian Passport.

Is this true and does the passport grant residency?
Read more : Mauritian Passports | Zugriffe : 5088 | Antworten : 10

Weather in June


I will be visiting the island for the first time at the begining of June 2007. Can anyone tell me what sort of weather I can expect? From what I've found out, the winter season is from June - September. Can I still expect to get a tan at this time of year, lol?

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