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Jelly fish?

Hi everybody
My first time on this forum! I am going to Mauritius in November.
One question - is Jelly fish common around the island? Any particular season?
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tips tips and more tips.

Hi everyone
Just come back from my 2nd trip to the island and decided to give some feedback.
Now if you want to go to 1 of the big hotels and spend a few £1000 each this may not be for you, just 1 warning all the beaches are PUBLIC even the residence, Beua rivage etc etc. So when i am laying on the beach next to you looking smug er..... tough.
Now seriously you ...
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A history quiz, does anybody know??

HI Forumers,

I was last October wiv my wife and brother in law drivin´around MTIUS, just for sightseeing, and one thing i´m still wondering:

We were in Souillac ( Souffleur), near Savannah sugar estate, where sea will make very beautiful showers between volcanic rocks,.. beautiful place anyway...
But there was made stonefences ( walls) kilometer after kilometer, like very sharp squares...Who and why those fences has done, anyone know????
There was no houses,plants or exactly ...
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1 year Practical on Mauritius?


i'm 22 years old and i need 1 year practical experiences in information studies. I'm going to study Informatic Sciences and therefor i have to spent one year in a foreign country.
But why do you have chosen Mauritius?
No shorter response for this question ;) : My father is mauritian and so i've been on Mauritius already 6 times. The last stay was last year for one month.
So I love this island ...
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can someone tell me, is there vlan wireless network in mauritius?
in airport?
in hotels?
Read more : vlan | Zugriffe : 928 | Antworten : 7


is there any dangerous snakes or spiders in mauritius?
or other snakes

i'll like snakes
Read more : snakes&spiders | Zugriffe : 4755 | Antworten : 5


I heard there is a cyclone in Mauritius now?

How severe are these and how many days do they last?

I guess it means, no electric, no flights and going out for tourists.
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Moving to Mauritius

Hi to everyone! My family and I are hopefully moving to Mauritius as it is now possble to obtain a retired noncitizen residence visa. We are relatively young my husband is 50, I am 41 kids aged 16,14 and 10. I have several questions I am hoping someone can help me with.
1. How much does it cost to rent long term on the west coast for a 4 bed house in a good area ...
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looked a sports fisherman

A sports fisherman looked with good experience in big predators to prove in Mauritius the last one and REVOLUTIONARY ATRAEPECES TIRLANFISH
Read more : looked a sports fisherman | Zugriffe : 646 | Antworten : 2

I look for companies of articles of fishing in Mauritius

censored by administrator
(no ads please)
Read more : I look for companies of articles of fishing in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 1304 | Antworten : 10

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