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Got an expat job offer in Mauritius - pls need advice/info

Hello there
I'm living in Europe & have received a job offer for an expat position in Mauritius.
Could anyone who lives on the island give me some (a lot actually..!) info regarding living costs/if there is a large & active expat community/travel costs in the region etc etc
I've been offered US$2500 net/month - incl. a housing allowance that would be enough for a good 1 bedroom appt apparrently, so wouldn't have to pay ...
Read more : Got an expat job offer in Mauritius - pls need advice/info | Zugriffe : 6203 | Antworten : 3

Local bus?

Hi again!
More questions from a firstTimer.

Is it possible to go by bus from the northwest cost to the eastern cost, from Mont Choisy to Bella Mare for example?
If so, how frequent are buses between those places?

Kind regards
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Flight tickets booked! :mrgreen: Just need some where to stay. We are choosing between Mont Choisy and Blue Bay.
Which has the best snorkeling from the beach of those two?
Is weather in Blue Bay nice in end of November?
Read more : Snorkeling | Zugriffe : 4726 | Antworten : 6

Cell phone rates

Hi i am moving to mauritius in a couple of months. This forum has really helped me with loads of info! THANX!!

Can anyone please help me with cell phone rates. I have been on the emtel website but I can't find rates anywhere. Which service provider is best and why?
Read more : Cell phone rates | Zugriffe : 4201 | Antworten : 9

Can any one suggest living cost in mauritius please

Hi ,

I need help .. I am planning to relocate to mauritius for couple of years.
I have got a job there..

I wanted to know how much would a decent and nice but not very costly home cost ( yes a furnished one) .

How much would it cost for a 27 year old male to live in ..

Any ideas?????

Read more : Can any one suggest living cost in mauritius please | Zugriffe : 2841 | Antworten : 6

English Forum Response Check

Hey folks.

I'm just trying to know how many members check the English forums regularly.

You just have to reply to this post and say something like "Yes I Do" or any other appraisal sentence.

This might help us know each other a little bit.

Make sure you reply ASAP!!!!

Read more : English Forum Response Check | Zugriffe : 6165 | Antworten : 52

Mauritius ranked 7th top Honeymoon destination again!

Here is the link to UK greatest travel agency: Expedia

Expedia ranks Mauritius 7th Most Famous Honeymoon Destination

It has been ranked 7th before hot spots like Venice and Seychelles.

Bahamas, Paris and Barbados share the top 3.

Well anyway that's great news which more than confirms that Mauritius IS the place that's worth visiting during your lifetime and not only for Honeymoons.
Read more : Mauritius ranked 7th top Honeymoon destination again! | Zugriffe : 1485 | Antworten : 0

Local girls in Mauritius?

Me and friend coming to Mauritius that coming weekend. Interested to know some info on local girls. Where they hang out, do and do's etc.Especially wanna know on dark skinned ones(mulats/aftrican) Thanks in advance !
Read more : Local girls in Mauritius? | Zugriffe : 13635 | Antworten : 11

want to contact with somebody who have been to mauritius isl

i'm planning a vacation at december this year and i want to contact with somebody who have been there so i can learn some more about this island.
Please,help me!
Read more : want to contact with somebody who have been to mauritius isl | Zugriffe : 1607 | Antworten : 11

Jelly fish?

Hi everybody
My first time on this forum! I am going to Mauritius in November.
One question - is Jelly fish common around the island? Any particular season?
Read more : Jelly fish? | Zugriffe : 4440 | Antworten : 8

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