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for our english speaking user.

nice trip

well, had a nice 2 weeks in mauritius, got fishes and saw great views.
people was friendly and food good. thank you :ploppop
the traffic could be better, but it need better roads and streets to prove it.
so i'll come back :wink) .
big plans about fishing there, but is there any fishing forum in mauritius?
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Moving to Mauritius

Hi guys, I am planing to move to Mauritius, working as senior web designer here in Toronto. First I need to speak with my wife about :) but I am sure she will say: "Yes, let's move" cause we're sick and tired of cold and snowy weather in April. So my question is, when we moved there and find apartement for rent, is it legal for us to stay there on tourist visa? Cause my ...
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Want a job in Mauritius

Hi guys i m new member in this forum i m from INDIA. i want to do a job in Mauritius . can anyonme help me in getting a job there. i m pursuing my B.A. final year (Bachelor of Arts).any one can send information about my query to my id that is please i want to do job in there. some of my friends r staying there .they ...
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travellers cheques

is it easy to change travellers cheques as we don't like to carry large amounts of cash
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Affordable long term rental

Hi everyone,
hope you are well.
Can anyone suggest a good immobilier that deals with long term rentals at local prices,not holiday lets?
We have read through he forum postings on this subject but keep finding links to expensive holiday rental prices.
We are an English couple(teachers) looking to rent long term,nothing fancy,just a small house/bungalow and at this stage are prepared to consider anywhere on the island.
Any help would be much appreciated,many thanks, ...
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Hi There

I wondered if any one can advise me. I am hoping to relocate to Mauritius in the next 6 months and want to learn the language. I know English is one of the official languages and I speak that fluently but I need to know would it be better for me to learn French or Mauritian French. I have done some research and see that there are many differences between the two.

I ...
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Attention all users

Hi all,

there is actually lots of discussions about our User-Ranking (this is the funny description under your user name).

What is it all about: simply said: the more posts you have, the higher the ranking :ob
When we started a couple of years ago we didn't expect to have such faithful users. Our ranking stopped with 400 posts, but we have already users with more than ...
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Need information please.. as I am moving to mauritius

Hello there ,
I'm living in India & have received a job offer for an tech expert position in Mauritius.
Could anyone who lives on the island give me some (a lot actually..!) info regarding living costs/if there is a large & active expat community/travel costs in the region etc etc
I've been offered 63000 MUR INR net/month - incl. a housing allowance that would be enough for a good 1 or 2 bedroom appt ...
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Ruby on Rails

Hi all,

I might be spending some time in Mauritius in the future - wondering if there are any .mu-based RoR developers there or any developer groups.

I have no idea what the geek population is like in Mauritius!

Even if you're just interested in Rails, give me a shout :)

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First let me start with the following:
"A dilemma (Greek δί-λημμα "double proposition") is a problem offering two solutions or possibilities, in particular two solutions neither of which is acceptable.
Let's first look at my problem. My problem is: I need a job and I prefer it to be anywhere else then Belgium. The 2 possible solutions are:
1: Dive instructor in Mauritius
2: Ski instructor in Whistler (Canada)

now what is the problem, if ...
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