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House Alarms/Security


Just a quick question, does anyone know how much those alarm/security services cost? - the house alarms where if triggered, a couple of security men will come to investigate.

What is the installation cost? What is the ongoing monthly cost? How many companies offer this service?

Anyone care to make any comments on leaving your home in Mauritius unattended when you go back home? Are there certain areas of Mauritius more prone to break ...
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Lovebirds -agapornis-

Hi everybody!

It seems there are non news about residence permit (it's so important to know)

But I'd like to know another thing: do you have lovebirds (roseicollis in particular) on the island?

Read more : Lovebirds -agapornis- | Zugriffe : 2269 | Antworten : 1

Honeymoon from 31st May onwards

Hi all,

Can someone please help me! Were coming for our honeymoon next June, can someone please suggest me a good hotel where to stay for a good weather and also places of interest to visit in the vicinity of the hotel.

Looking forward to hear from someone :)
Read more : Honeymoon from 31st May onwards | Zugriffe : 976 | Antworten : 3

Weather in mauritius

I am all new to mauritius. I am going to mauritius next June, so in june is it winter? hows the weather in june? When are the months that most probably there will be a cyclone?
Read more : Weather in mauritius | Zugriffe : 1592 | Antworten : 3

Music Video Clip Filmed in Mauritius

Hi Guys

We are an Australian Hip Hop group who recently went to Mauritius at the start of the year to visit family. While we were there we filmed a video clip for our song *High Grade*. Take a look, click on the link below, and tell us what you think:
Read more : Music Video Clip Filmed in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 1933 | Antworten : 0

Domestic Water Pump anyone?

Hello everyone,

How are things?

There has been quite a few water shortages this week in the town of Rose-Hill and I was thinking of finally installing a pump and a tank to pump for a 3storey house.

Could anyone recommend me a good company which offers affordable price for the pump, tank and fittings?

Please let me know if you have done so yourself, what issues or what things I should look out for? ...
Read more : Domestic Water Pump anyone? | Zugriffe : 1743 | Antworten : 0

Villa for Large Groups?

Hey everyone,

I'm trying to arrange a holiday to Mauritius for 12,possibly 13, adults and 3 children. We'd all love to have somewhere exclusively to ourselves but I'm having trouble finding places. Most of the villas I've found on-line are for around 10 people. It needs to have at least 8 rooms ideally.

If anyone can give me any links It'd be much appreciated!

We'd like to stay around the north of the island too. ...
Read more : Villa for Large Groups? | Zugriffe : 826 | Antworten : 0

Downloading speed on Megaupload

Hi all,

Since the last crash of ADSL at Orange last wednesday , I have notice that my download speed from Megaupload does not goes faster than 2 - 3Kbps where I was used to have 40 - 60Kbps with a Myt 512K. Does anyone of you got the same problem?

I phone 8585 and was told ...
Read more : Downloading speed on Megaupload | Zugriffe : 1292 | Antworten : 3

Biryani in Mauritius

How much for a pot of chichen, lamb or fish Biryani, and where to buy in Mauritius?

Also how many portions per pot?

Thank you.
Read more : Biryani in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 2096 | Antworten : 2

Looking for Kite Surfing instructor

Hello Guys,

I am looking for a kite surfing instructor. please, suggest if you know someone.

thank you!
Read more : Looking for Kite Surfing instructor | Zugriffe : 1093 | Antworten : 1

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