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import limits

is there any limits to bring alcohol and cicars with me to mauririus
Read more : import limits | Zugriffe : 1241 | Antworten : 3

Are Mauritius Beaches safe at Night??

Are Mauritius beaches safe at night. I wil be coming over and staying at Gold BEach resort. How is this beach at night. Can we ( me n my wife) raom on beaches at night time without any major concerns? Plz reply..
Read more : Are Mauritius Beaches safe at Night?? | Zugriffe : 1555 | Antworten : 1

Mauritius Gift Box/ Coffret Cadeau Ile Maurice

Can anyone help me get a website link to gift packs from Mauritius. :ob

When I was in Mauritius, I recall having seen some gift box/coffret cadeau which had a small bottle of rhum, all the types of sugars, anthurium flowers, book, dvds, tea and some other stuff in a well presented pack. i:()

I want to offer a ...
Read more : Mauritius Gift Box/ Coffret Cadeau Ile Maurice | Zugriffe : 1861 | Antworten : 5

Wedding at La Pirogue

Me and my boyfriend want to get married in mauritius, at La Pirogue Hotel in september. We cannot reservate a hotel before May and now I'm worried that all rooms will be already booked by then for september. Am I right? I hope not :::(
Read more : Wedding at La Pirogue | Zugriffe : 905 | Antworten : 2

Weather in mid April

We are thinking of visiting Mauritius in mid April (16 - 25th). Not sure about the weather. Can anyone help??
We have choosen the hotel Le Beau Rivage which is located on the East side of the Island. I am a little afraid about the rain at this time.
Read more : Weather in mid April | Zugriffe : 8763 | Antworten : 2

mauritian nightclub music

Hi, I was in Mauritius for 4 months staying in Pereybere just near Grand Bay. I was going to the nightclubs (buddha, stardance, iin-gyone etc) and I really loved the house/techno music. Now im back home I am trying to find the music I was hearing, I know the DJ would have been mixing but there was certain tunes used alot, does anyone know any of the latest house/techno music over there? I remember there ...
Read more : mauritian nightclub music | Zugriffe : 911 | Antworten : 3

Perfume Distillery

Hello all!
Is it possible to catch public transport to the perfume distillery on Mauritius?

Any info on visiting the distillery would be much appreciated.

Read more : Perfume Distillery | Zugriffe : 706 | Antworten : 5

Emmigrating to Mauritius

My husband and I were fortunate enough to spend our honeymoon in Mauritius - with a big loan from our bank ofcourse. I will never forget it. Your country made such an impression that we are thinking if emmigrating. I have been to the government website, but do not understand what I have to do. I need to know firstly how to go about applying for citizenship or a work permit. Also, what is the ...
Read more : Emmigrating to Mauritius | Zugriffe : 2179 | Antworten : 4

[B]Diego Garcia islanders[/B]

Good day to you - I live in the UK.

Have you been following the story of the Diego Garcia islanders plight/story?

The last I heard was that despite our Prime Minister Tony Blair hoodwinking our Queen in in to signing an ancient mandate which over-rules the highest court in the land forbidding the Islanders returning to Diego Garcia, it now seems that this ruling has been overturned by the highest judges in our land ...
Read more : [B]Diego Garcia islanders[/B] | Zugriffe : 758 | Antworten : 2

More about this beach

I noticed this strip of beach on Google Earth. I was wondering how can I get to it? Is it a private beach? Check it out :- ... =0&m=a&v=2
Read more : More about this beach | Zugriffe : 853 | Antworten : 2

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