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for our english speaking user.

extending my stay in mauritius beyond the 3 months

Greetings all interested in Mauritius!
Thank you for any information regarding how to stay on a bit longer than the usual 3 months. I have a host inviting me to stay up to 6 months as his guest. I am not seeking work, am self employed as a fine arts painter. Is there an agency or consultant whom I can contact to assist me with the complications of applying for a visa as a guest? ...
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we will travel to Mauritius on the of october for 10 days.
We will stay at the beachcomber shandrani.
Does anybody know, if there is a flightclub in Mauritius? My husband has a PPL license and would like, if possible, to have some flights over and arround the island.
thanks for your help
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factory shops

we will be visiting Mauritius in about 2 weeks . I have heard that there are good factory shops. could anyone tell me where they are, in particular is there a hugo boss factory shop.

maybe you could advise me of other factory shops

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Birth Certificates

Hi all.

I need to get a copy of my dad's birth certificate. (He's passed away.) He was born in Port Louis and I'm in the UK. Any idea's on how I can do this?


George :-?
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Finding Work


I'm a Safety, Health, Quality and Environment advisor in the UK with 3 years experience in the construction industry.

Where would be a good place (if any) to look for jobs in Mauritius? I've tried the seek site but no joy.

My dad's Mauritius so I assume I will qualify for citizenship.

Thanks for the help.
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Grand B apartments and Expats in Mauritius

Hi all

I am new to Mauritius and I was wondering for two things:

1) Are there any apartments in the Grand Baie area which are centrally located and nice? I want them to have TV, Satellite, Internet, pool, gym near by or in the complex and which are close to the shops / beach. I haven’t been in Grand Baie many times thus I couldn’t look for myself not to mention that I don’t ...
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Hello everybody,
travelling to the Beau Rivage Hotel 22 September for my sons Wedding, can anybody tell me if their are LIVE English Premier games available in Mauritius? especially 23 September Man United V Chelsea as we are all keen Man United supporters,
hope you can help
ps also I have been told this is an excellant hotel! your thoughts please
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new German passports as from 1 November 2007

Important notice about
the issue of new passports
as from 1 November 2007
On 1 November 2007 a new Passports Act enters into force. One of its requirements is that
new German passports (bordeaux red cover) should contain a chip with the holder's fingerprints.
Owing to technical problems in introducing the new regulations, for several months as
from 1 November 2007 the German Embassy in Antananarivo (via the German Honorary
Consul in Mauritius) is likely ...
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Where is a good place to advertise?

Hi Everyone,
Can anybody suggest a good place to advertise for a person hoping to come to Mauritius to teach English?
Either private tuition or business English for company executives?
Any help would be much appreciated,
Many thanks.
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I intend to do some trekking in Mauritius when I next come.

I have found 2 sites so far.

Has anyone used them? Your feedback would be much appreciated.
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