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for our english speaking user.

sugar have a future?

i postet this in the german forum and there been some response.
i would like to here from you, what you are thinking about it?

if this does not work take the direct link Mauritius Is Addicted To Sugar
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Looking for info on a invention done around 1870/1880.

I dont have to much info to go on, but it was possibly to do with telecommunications.

Charles Giquel, was the guy behind the invention

There must be records kept of inventions/trade marks/patents etc, but whom looks after this?

Any suggestions as to whom i can contact?
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History of a specific Street name..

Looking for info on a specific street name in Mauritius.

'Giquel Street', why was it named this.

I believe its named after Charles Giquel, apperently he invented something. But thats as much as i know.

Which government department can i contact regarding street names?

Charles was born in France but moved to Mauritius and Married an english woman. Charles died in 1886.

So, any suggestions as to whom i can contact regading info on Giquel ...
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translate/change sega paroles from Creole to English

i love sega songs very much. :wink)
can anyone help me to translate the paroles here into English?

are there any sites have english translation of the sega songs?

merci~ thanks a lot!!~ :mrgreen:

Ti Frere - Roseda

Gramatin mo lever, mo bourer pou al travail
(Gramatin mo lever, mo bourer pou mo al travail)
Titop six ...
Read more : translate/change sega paroles from Creole to English | Zugriffe : 4433 | Antworten : 15

Mauritian Artists CDs

Hello folks,

There are a few tourists who have been to Mauritius and set back to their home countries with some sega tunes on their mind. Well fear not as I've come across a website where you can order the CDs. Well I thought I would post the link here.

I'm not adversiting the company but this is the only website I'm aware of which sells our local artist albums.

Mauritian Artist Boutik

@ $$$Admin$$$ ...
Read more : Mauritian Artists CDs | Zugriffe : 2072 | Antworten : 1

Sega and undersea walk???

Hi, i'm a new user from Spain. I'm planning to travel to Mauritius in a year more or less. I'd like to know where it is possible to dive with a kind of helmet or diving suit, but you don't need to take lessons, I think it's in the north of the island, but don't know put this "helmet" on and you do not need anything else, i think it's called "undersea walk". So...where ...
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cost of living

Hi all, and thanks for a great forum.

I am relocating to the flic en flac area, together with my spouse soon and would like to have some honest indications of the cost of living if you cook yourself and perhaps have a restaurant meal once a week. What is a reasonable amount to calculate with, for two adults? Someone mentioned Rs4.000-6000 per month on food only. Is this really enough?

Many thanks for any ...
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ALL about Fishing

let's put this here and everyone, who like to talk or ask about any fishing in mauritius can do it here.

i'll go to mauritius end of january and spend there about 3 weeks mostly fishing there.
i'll take part of one competition too
Read more : ALL about Fishing | Zugriffe : 5398 | Antworten : 33

car hire in nov/dec

looking for a cheap car hire for 2-4weeks, staying around le morne area any input would be appreciated, also whats the best currencies to take euros or pounds
Read more : car hire in nov/dec | Zugriffe : 746 | Antworten : 1

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