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Help decide relocate to Mauritius

I have received a job offer & I am planning to relocate to Mauritius. I have a few clarifications before I decide :

1) Salary pm offered is 130,000 MUR
2) Job location is Port Loius

I would like to know if the amount is decent to sustain a family of 3 (me, my spouse & my 3 yr old daughter)
How much will be a decent apartment cost me around my work area. Is ...
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I am looking for a list of the best places to visit in the world for adventure. Any ideas?
if anyone can send me info at I'd really appreciate.
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another more question (sorry!)

i forgot:

- Shopping: where are the best places in mauritius to buy cheap clothes??? markets? shops? industry? Where can I find them? now yes...........many thanks!!!
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HI!! definetly i go to mauritius for my honey moon! I don't want to stay all the time on the beach!! I'd like to visit some places (many places!)
Here are my questions:

- I've seen there are some beautiful tamil temples around the island. Can you tell me exactly the location of these temples??? (i think one is called kaylasson temple and is very colourful!, is it in port louis? where? in triolet? rose-hill???. ...
Read more : QUESTIONS: TEMPLES AND TAXIS. | Zugriffe : 991 | Antworten : 3

Some questions?

My boyfriend and I are planning coming down in june - july to Flic en Flac, and we are wondering how the weather is like during that period? (15 of june to 15 of july)

We read about some dangerous species in the ocean. If they are near the beach or far out?

- Is it necessary to use special shoes while swimming?

- What is the easiest and cheapest way to travel around the ...
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wireless internet

I am thinking about moving to mauritius next year to set up my own business.For this i will need a fast wireless internet connection as i will be moving all around the island.
I have seen the nomad and emtel websites and what they offer and i am just wondering if there is anything better which i could use.

any help would be great

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expat? My first post :D

heyyy all!! This is my first post! :rock) \:D/

My parents are both Mauritian and I was born in London.

I do try and keep well in touch with my roots of Mauritius and Love Mauritius so much!

I have worked with organisers such as Voice of Mauritius which promotes mauritius to people. I was also (or am) a ...
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hoping to work as an english teacher in mauritius

Hi all,
hope you are well,
can anyone give me any advice on living and working in mauritius, i am a qualified english teacher, is there still a demand for this? what is involved in obtaining a working visa? is it possible for foreigners to own property?
where would be the best place to advertise? I hope to teach business english or privately to adults, not children.
Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated, ...
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mauritian black eagle beer


I am writing to this forum hoping to find cheerful person for my appeal. I try to obtain some beer labels (which are placed on bottles) from Mauritius for my beer labels collection, especially Black Eagle beer as I miss label of this beer in my collection.
Is there somebody who could put down some beer labels from bottles and send me by post?
I did not receive response from the brewery, so I ...
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visit in June

Hi probably I’m going to spend my honeymoon on Mauritius. However it is going to be in the following June ( 2008 year) and I’m a litter bit afraid of the whether especially of the rains, clouds and monsoons. Do you think that it is a good idea to visit this lovely island in the beginning of winter (it will be probably in the second part of June) ?
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