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Residence information


My name is Catalin and I am intending to move in few months in Mauritius.I am looking to buy or to lease a restaurant or a guest house somewhere near Port Louis. So,if is possible,please tell me more about the posibilities to do it. My initial capital will be arround 100.000$.I need help to find a good adviser who can represent me there for all formalities.
Thank you in anticipation of your prompt reply.
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it's my first time !!

Hello! Everyone : )
My name is Grace and I am Korean
I have got to know this web site from Google
Actually I am planing to go Maurutius next month
I would love to know many information from you
Let's keep in touch

Happy new year!!
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And of course even better year 2008, Keep cool and let the messages Roll !!!

Leroy, Jay and Joann
Read more : MERRY CHRISTMAS TO all FORUMERS !!! | Zugriffe : 724 | Antworten : 6

Tamarin Falls

Hello, it's me again... we're also really interested in seeing the Tamarin Falls.

I've tried some searching on Google but the best we can come up with is 'it's best to get a guide from Henrietta'. We're quite adventurous and would like to get to the falls without a guide... is it signed appropriately, or is it a 'mission' to try and find the falls?

Any tips on how to get there from locals?

Many ...
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Boat hire Mauritius

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone would know if my fiance and I could hire a boat for a day or half a day in Mauritius anywhere?

We're just looking for a small boat that we can drive ourselves around the island.

I have an Australian Boat Operator Licence.

Many thanks,
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Casela Bird Park

Hi everyone,

My first post here... my fiance and I are from Australia and we're having our honeymoon in Mauritius in March 2008 and we would love to visit the Casela Bird Park.

We have seen their website ( but it doesn't have any information on prices or anything.

Does anyone know how much the park entry is? And also, if anyone knows how much it would cost to ...
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Need help translating please..

:he() Hello all.... I was recently a big drunk jerk at a christmas party and insulted someone very dear to me. Shes from Mauritus and i want to apologize to her by writing her in her own language. I'm hoping someone out there will translate the following for me.... "Shorty, you are very dear to me and I apologize for hurting you. If i could take back ...
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A little help please....

:he() Any chance someone out there could help me translate this??

to mari pres ar moi,es exqiz moi acoz mone kas to leker,mo capav
reprend to mo banne mot dans n'inporte ki prix acoz toi.
exqiz moi mo pour tous sa ki arrive.

Getting this translated would mean a lot to me. I'm not even sure what language its in but it concerns someone dear to me. ...
Read more : A little help please.... | Zugriffe : 577 | Antworten : 2

Landscape Photography

hello Everyone,

I am planning a trip to Mauritius to photograph the landscape and was wondering what times of the year are the skies their clearest.

Any suggestions are welcomed.

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Help decide relocate to Mauritius

I have received a job offer & I am planning to relocate to Mauritius. I have a few clarifications before I decide :

1) Salary pm offered is 130,000 MUR
2) Job location is Port Loius

I would like to know if the amount is decent to sustain a family of 3 (me, my spouse & my 3 yr old daughter)
How much will be a decent apartment cost me around my work area. Is ...
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