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My name is Katinka, I'm 20 years old and I live in Holland.
I'm planning to go to Maurtitius to take a tree month internschip at a hospital. But I find it quite hard to come in contact with the right persons. Does anyone have an e-mail adress of a hopital, or someone who works at a hospital in Mauritius.

I'll be forever greatfull,
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Chikungunya a viral disease

i have read in a travelguide that the island has a serial problem of Chikungunya a viral disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes. is there anything to be afraid of for instance in the warmer months oct-may.
please give me some information since we are planning coming to Mauritius in oct.
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Other teeneagers at flic en flac....


Our family is going to stay for 4 weeks ( 1/3-1/4 -08) at Flic en Flac.

Our teeneager is querious if there are any other english or swedish teeneagers close by??????????? i:() i:()
Read more : Other teeneagers at flic en flac.... | Zugriffe : 569 | Antworten : 1

Born Feet First

Please can someone give me some information on the Mauritian belief that if you were born feet first, you have natural healing powers. Is it true?
Read more : Born Feet First | Zugriffe : 1493 | Antworten : 4

2 weeks

only 2 weeks and i'll be there again :cool:

has anybody got big fishes?
Read more : 2 weeks | Zugriffe : 962 | Antworten : 8

Planning to visit Mauritius

I´m planning to go to Mauritius on March 1st (ten days) and would like to get the best information possible in terms of where to stay and what to do.

My wife and I (brazilians) like snorkeling, diving and trecking.

I was wondering if there are affordable hotels beach front (good for snorkeling) or if there are some small hotels in small islands near Mauritius.

When staying in Mauritius is better to rent a car ...
Read more : Planning to visit Mauritius | Zugriffe : 1445 | Antworten : 2

Salary take home

Dear all,

I got an offer from a Mauritian company. I would like to know the salary take home; like if I am offered Rs 1,00,000/month then what would be the take home?? Also what is the tax rate percentage also are there any tax salary slabs??

Please help me with your expert advice; as I need to send my acceptance to my new employer.
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Prepaid sim card

Hi all,

Can anyone here recommend me a network which sells prepaid sim card? I will be staying at Port Louis. Are there any phone stores there where I can check out?

Thanks in advance!
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Cost of Wine and Champagen locally


I am getting married next month and want to know the costs of alcohol, as i know Rum is the main staple.

Will it be expensive as it will be impoted?

Please advise if you know.


Read more : Cost of Wine and Champagen locally | Zugriffe : 3861 | Antworten : 7

Nightlife in the North


We're going to Mauritius in October and wanted some recommendations for good clubs/bars in the Pereybere/Grand Bai area.

We aren't too into "techno" music and would prefer a more laid-back environment. We heard 'Banana Bar' was good and were hoping that someone could give us personal recommendations for similar bars/clubs.

Many thanks.

Read more : Nightlife in the North | Zugriffe : 874 | Antworten : 2

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