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for our english speaking user.

news forum, what do you think.

in the german section we have now a news forum, do you think we should do something like that in the english section too?

would be just for news on mauritius, what ever the news are.
what do you think?
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I plan to relocate to Mauritus and apply for an occupational permit as self employed. Even though I have sufficient funds I want to start with an initial investment of USD 50,000/- . I have travel and tours experience can I start a small office with that funds or rent a car. Guys with your exprience what other fruitful business can I start with usd 50,000/-.
Can I also take employment incase if I am ...
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Hi there

We're coming to Mauritius next week for our honeymoon. Really looking forward to being there.

I was wondering about the money situation. It is better to get Rupees or Euro's? I get conflicting info in the UK.

It is easy to get Euro's in the UK but not Rupees. Usually when I go abroad I use an ATM/cash machine locally on arrival. Are these readily available in Mauritius? Do they charge a small ...
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Hey guys!!! flying to Mauritius on 27th june...

Hey !!!

I am Anupam from India...I would flying to Mauritius on 27th june.... I would be new to this place...
Any one is travelling on these dates!!!!
Which would be good places for travelling ???
I am a Musician .. I play indian Drums(TABLA). any one can help me to know about any music school there???

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not much to say?

Hey, its all gone very quiet suddenly!!!

Must be the low season in Mauritius. I notice not many people on the beach when I go for my morning constitution!!

I feel like I am on my own on the beach, Is it something I have done to empty the beach on my arrival.

Johnjoe20 Pereybere
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Japanese Hair Straigtening Salon

Hi, would a.o. have a good adress of a Hair Salon in Mts that does Japanese hair straigtening/hairbonding? What products do they use and how much does it cost? Thanks in advance.
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Irish Club or Meeting

Hi I am interested in starting up an Irish Club, (even a UK one)
for anyone to join.

The theme would be Irish- music - photos, and you name it and I will add in in!

You don't have to be Irish to join - just interested in Irish culture and good stout.

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English Speaking Meetings / Friends ( for a Irishman)

Hi All,

I have semi-retired in Mauritius , coming to live her permanently in November 2007. My wife is from Mauritius and I have been coming here for over 30 years.
I am from Dublin, but worked in the Uk for 40 years.
I am looking for English Speaking People to talk with as my French and Creole is not up to conversation standard.

I have a lot of interests, and I teach IT/ICT at ...
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Diamonds in Mauritius

HI There

I'm planning a trip the Mauritus in July and am will propose to my lady whilst there. I have heard that you can get really good deals on diamonds . Has anyone else bought a diamond there? Is it recommended?
Thanks in advance for any help

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Need suggestion ; school

Dear Forum

I thought i changed the subject (was: hello from Jakarta) to be more specific.

My husband has been in Mauritius since last Wednesday. From the emails he sounded very happy and excited. Too bad the cellphone provider he has there cannot connect with ours in Jakarta.

Right now he is busy to look for a school for our daughters. The company has registered them to IPS (international preparatory school) at the northern part ...
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