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for our english speaking user.

Secondhand Book Shops

Good evening to you all :ploppop

:he() I am wondering if any one can help me with my query.

I am looking for second-hand book shops and would appreciate your help.


Thanks in advance. :ploppop

P.S. Any location

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mauritius Climate in november Second week

We are planning a visit in secont week of november, Suggest is it a good time to visit..

AS we came to know that summer starts from November is it a tough time to visit mauritius in nov 2nd week?

Will it be more humid in November.
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Job in finance in Mauritius

Hi, I am Russian, and would like to find a job in financial sector in Mauritius. I currently work as a research analyst at a bank for financial institutions in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Would be obliged if someone could let me know how difficult it is to find a job in banking/finance in MU? What is the average salary? Is it difficult to get an Occupation permit if I get a job offer? Any ...
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Some basic important questions for coming!

HELLO to all at first, and greetings from Greece!
Iam going to come to Mauritius this sesson and have questions...although
i take some ansewrs from forum.
please inform me when you have more tourist activity in the island?and
when is the best weather period, without so many rains and winds,cause i want to make sea sports every day,i like snorkeling, is possible for someone to swim in deeper waters like 10-30meters deep,what about sharks..and ...
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Fishing kayak in Mauritius

Hi, I want to bring my fishing kayak (and possibly 3 or 4 extras) to fish off the coast of Mauritius. We fish about 1km from shore. What permits etc would I need? Is it recommended? Are there any other guys with fishing kayaks? Can you supply contact details of the relevant authority I should contact?
I thank you in advance.
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Obtaining visa of MRU sitezen from the Embassy not in MRU

Hello everyone!

I would be vety thankful if someone know and wish to share what is the way a native of Mauritius to obtain visa from an Embassy that is not located in Mauritius ? For example, there is no Canadian Embassy in Mauritius. How the natives apply and are granted with visa for Canada ? Should they apply online, through Mauritian officials or they should go to the first closest Canadian Embassy ? Thanks ...
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Visiting the forest...

Hi there,
I will be going to Mauritius with my wife for the holidays in the next several months (haven't still deceided the date) and besides all the nice activities that are offered on the island, I would love to visit the National park and the rainforests in Mauritius. I love to take pics of the insects, especially butterflies...
I guess it wouldn't be very wise to go alone, so who could I contact for ...
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Transport Le Coco Beach to Trou aux biches

Please can someone tell me whether there is a buss service from Le Coco Beach Hotel to Trou aux biches?
SHould I make my own way to other towns or is there a direct route?
Read more : Transport Le Coco Beach to Trou aux biches | Zugriffe : 619 | Antworten : 1

baby cots and highchairs.....


we are due to fly to Mauritius in december for one month with my mother and father inlaw and our three children. I am wanting to get information about purchasing or hiring cot, pram and highchair for my now 8 month old.

i am hoping to get websites, email addresses or prices and places as a matter of urgency. We are not staying in resorts or hotels as we will be with family and ...
Read more : baby cots and highchairs..... | Zugriffe : 829 | Antworten : 0

Creole Online Dictonary


find below a nice little online dict creole to english from a hungarian guy:

Read more : Creole Online Dictonary | Zugriffe : 3146 | Antworten : 11

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