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Electronic Music in Mauritius

Hi there,

I'm a trance dj/music producer, coming to Mauritius working as a professional.

I want to know how is the dance music scene in Mauritius, apart from Hip Hop. Is there a community of party people who love house, trance and other forms of electronic music?

Are there any electronic music festivals in Mauritius?

Will be great if you can connect me to a Music forum of Mauritius.

Thanks and look forward to bang ...
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Looking for Divers/ Fish collectors

I am actually looking for fish collectors from Mauritius, who can collect few fish a month for me. Please let me know if there is anyone on this forum that can do this or know someone who does. I will list more detail on what kind of fish I am looking for once I get some kind of response. You can email me at or just post it here. ...
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Child vaccination

Hi guys. Does anybody know what the situation with child vaccination is in MU? I mean, are they (vaccinations) mandatory? Any place in the internet where I can have a look at the laws? I know that you don't need anything if you come as a tourist from a country without yellow fever, but as we are thinking of moving to Mauritius, this becomes a serious issue to me. Sorry if the question is stupid, ...
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Shop for rent in Mauritius


I would like to know if it is very difficult to find a small shop for rent in a touristic area in Mauritius, for instance Grand Bay.
Also, how much would the rent approximately cost per month?

Thank you very much in advance.
Read more : Shop for rent in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 2275 | Antworten : 5

Sorry, can anyone help with this 'slippers' query ...

I am due to go to Mauritius at the end of this month for 2 weeks, and thought i would just email the hotel to check dress codes for the men in my party, and they have come back and said no 'slippers' for men in the restaurants. Their exact words were:

"pleased to inform that guests can be casual but smart. jeans are allowed but men should avoid slippers and sleeveless shirts"

I would ...
Read more : Sorry, can anyone help with this 'slippers' query ... | Zugriffe : 963 | Antworten : 4

hw to get a job in Mauritius?

hi ,,m Alok Sharma,,,from INDIA,,,
m graduate in Arts,,,presently working with
McDonalds from th last 1yr.
i want to work in there.
So, kindly please suggest me sme kind of job ,,,thr.
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What to wear?

Hi ,

I have heard that when going for dinner in hotels Slacks have to be worn in Mauritius is this true?

Is there anything else like this that one might not be aware of you could tell me.

Many Thanks

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laptop internet access in mauritius

I am coming to Mauritius as a tourist for 10 days in early November 2008
will be staying in Casuarina Hotel, i travel will my laptop and will need Internet connectivity
I have read in forums, that Internet access at hotels can be quite costly
whats the best way of concecting my laptop to internet - i hate using internet cafes
Is it OK if i purchase Emtel SIM card when i arrive in ...
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Weather in first two weeks of december?

Hi! Hallo! Hei! :he()

I'm coming with my lovely wife to Mauritius in december (first two weeks of december).

Does anyone know what kind of weather there usually has been at that time?

Is there stong possibility of heavy rain or cyclones?

Thankful for all knowledge!

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