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Quality clinic

could anyone advise a good quality clinic for childbirth on Mauritius ?

Read more : Quality clinic | Zugriffe : 1574 | Antworten : 1

Looking for a job and life experience in Mauritius

Hi everyone..My boyfriend and I are living in Dublin /Ireland/ and working as an assistant store managers in a grocery supermarket.Originally we are from Slovakia.Came over to Ireland 3 years ago 1st of all for a better salary and life but after those years we realised without nature around us and lots of sunshine this is not the life we would like to live. ..Thats why decided to move somewhere nice like Mauritius..Can anyone help ...
Read more : Looking for a job and life experience in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 1274 | Antworten : 5


how has been winds and weather in last week in mauritius?
Read more : cyclones | Zugriffe : 1047 | Antworten : 8

Relocating to Mauritius

We have an opportunity to relocate to Mauritius from South Africa. In the Grand Bay area. I have two children aged 8 and 15, is there English schools nearby?
What is cost of living?
Read more : Relocating to Mauritius | Zugriffe : 616 | Antworten : 0

Need advise on Mauritius Travel

Dear Friends,

I am planning to visit mauritius for a week starting feb 24, My initial clarifications say that it will be raining a lot. I am just confused if I need to make this trip as its my Honeymoon and dont want to spoil the trip. Is there any advise I can get on whether I can plan the travel?

Read more : Need advise on Mauritius Travel | Zugriffe : 1224 | Antworten : 1

Live and work in Mauritius

Hello! I am a student from Spain. I am planning go to Mauritius in two or three years to live there. I have read the most of your comments in the forum, but I have already so many doubts… :O)

But for the moment, I would like to go to Mauritius this summer in order to work. I don´t care so much the type of job. Do ...
Read more : Live and work in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 1225 | Antworten : 0


To open a small travel agency office with 2 staff to start with how much in USD will be the the investment.
Read more : TRAVEL AGENCY | Zugriffe : 1575 | Antworten : 0

host family wanted


I'm searching a host family for 2 months, if possible in the near of la gaulette. Could somebody help me to find a host family?

Read more : host family wanted | Zugriffe : 639 | Antworten : 0

Living expense for a student in Mauritius

Hi all,
I am a student from Vietnam, I will follow an attachment at a company in Mauritius, and this is the first time of staying in Mauritius.

I would like to ask you some following info:
- Accommodation rate.
- Food expense.
- Traveling cost.
- Health care services.
- Entertainment (cinema, shopping, eating out, hair salon)

All of them is for one person that's me :mrgreen: ...
Read more : Living expense for a student in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 2089 | Antworten : 1

=== NIKE or ADIDAS ===

Hi, is there any NIKE or ADIDAS brand store on the island ?

Read more : === NIKE or ADIDAS === | Zugriffe : 4427 | Antworten : 7

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