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Flight Prices

Can you please let me know when are the cheapest and most expensive times to fly to and from the UK and Mauritius??
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Whats on this picture

Hey there,

I'm about to go to mauritius on my next vacation and I'm searching for a hotel. I found that picture in google:


can anyone tell me if this is a hotel on the left bottom? And if yes can any one tell the name? I would appreciate any help alot cause this looks exactly like where I want to go.

best regards


Edit: Sorry just saw that there is a hotel ...
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Hi all,

I'm traveling to Mauritius in a few days, and I can't seem to get a straight answer on the risk of malaria on the island. I saw a post on this topic from a few years back, but I was curious for a more updated response.

What is the risk of malaria in Mauritius? I will be staying with a friend in a small, more central town, L'Avenir, Saint-Pierre (I think about an ...
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Want information ...


I m from India. I got the job in Beau Vallon in Mauritius. I have completed my BE-Information Technology and MBA-Finance. So want to know howmuch salary i can get ??? Company is giving me accomodation also.. I also want to know that what would be my per month expense ???

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GP doctors looking for work in mauritius

My wife and I are GPs of several years experience with interest in moving to Mautitius to raise our three children, ages 13,11 and 6+.
Can anyone advise us on how to register with the medical council and find jobs and what is the pay for GP doctors.
Read more : GP doctors looking for work in mauritius | Zugriffe : 3715 | Antworten : 9

Con men and thieves

I read about a ticket fraud in Paris by a mauritian travel agent in this weeks newspapers. The con-man image of mauritius is certainly gaining momentum isn't it ?

On this forum we've read various posts from people ripped off when trying to build in Mauritius. I've not long returned from Mauritius and heard numerous stories of people conning their friends, relatives and bosses.

I've had taxi drivers try for exhorbitant fares and then get ...
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Hope sombody can help me.

Are there any rugby playing primary schools in Mauritius? This is in the age group under 13 - children turning 13 this year.
And I would also like to know the school terms in Mauritius.

zd :lol:
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Please help me in choosing web hosting

Hi everyone,
I am sorry for possible offtopic, but I need your help in find new web hosting provider as soon as possible, because my current host ( is kicking me off, they say 'your account is using a lot server resources', but my website gets only about 200 visitors per day and my disk usage is 1500 MB (maybe they do not like that?)

Anyway, what would be your recommendations for getting reliable web ...
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Any Beach Huts in Mauritius

Hi All

I continue browsing the forum and just found out about the walk with lions we are definately going! Sorry I'm rambling on to my question. We are heading to Mauritius in October and can't wait! My partner would like for one night to stay in a beach hut are there any around and if so can anyone recommend one.


Baba :-)
Read more : Any Beach Huts in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 2619 | Antworten : 4


can some one give me names of O and A level International girl schools
Read more : SCHOOLS | Zugriffe : 5510 | Antworten : 9

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