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for our english speaking user.

Apartment in Flic en Flac (August - February)

Hello everybody,

Me and my fellow student are going to study for one semester at the UoM in August. i:()
Has anyone an idea where we can find a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment in Flic en Flac? I know there, are some quite expensive luxury ones but those are not the ones we are looking for. I've been to this place last year in August and ...
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Mensa Members in Mauritius

Hi All,

I am new in this forum. I have recently moved to Mauritius from Europe and I was wondering if there are any active mensa group in Mauritius.

I have been member of Mensa India Chapter and then later UK chapter. At present I am member of Mensa International as there is no national chapter in Mauritius.

I would like to meet fellow members of mensa if there are any.

Kind Regards,

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Shark fishing June 2009

Anybody know if we can fish for reef sharks off the rocks in or around the North West of the Island (we have a car so transport not a problem, and will drive to any hotspots on the Island. Also whats the chances of catching Tiger / Maco sharks out on the Game Boats...

we are coming in 6 weeks time, so getting very excited about our fishing trip to Mauritius.


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Looking for French teacher and Yoga teacher

I'm looking for both a French teacher and a yoga teacher at the moment. Preferably near Beau Bassin but i'm happy to travel for either! Anyone know of anyone? I've tried Alliance Francaise and their class schedules don't run at the right times.
Read more : Looking for French teacher and Yoga teacher | Zugriffe : 2100 | Antworten : 3

cultural facts

Hello! I go to Mauritius..........this Friday!!!!!

I have all things prepared but I just want to know some information about cultural facts so not to be mistaken:

-How do people in Mauritius greet? (shaking hands, kisses....etc?)

- About different temples of the island:

CHINESE pagodas
HINDU temples

What do you have to wear? What are the restrictions?
In which ones you can take photos inside?

Thank you very much!!!
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Moving to Mauritius next month

Hello all!

I'll be joining you all soon on the beautiful Island!

The website is great and has been very useful, however I wasn't able to find answers to probably the 2 most important questions....

- Can one purchase English teabags there, or do I have to fill my suitcase with Tetleys?

- What is the local beer like? I'm coming from Germany but don't expect it to up to that standard!

The rest, I ...
Read more : Moving to Mauritius next month | Zugriffe : 841 | Antworten : 2

Life in Mauritius

My partner and I seriously contemplating moving to Mauritius in a bid to escape the rat race.

We've found an amazing new development that looks great on the website -

Has anybody who lives in Mauritius heard of this development? What is the local view on it?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks
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Pictures of Mauritius

hi all,

I have just created an online picture gallery on mauritius, . I want to know what you guys think of it?? I have tried to show the island from my personal point of view.. dunno if it works or not.

Btw, this is my first time me designing a website, so don't worry too much if the site itself is a bit lame, therez still lots ...
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Hello, I really need to transalate a msg that has been sent to me, i assume it's in creole language, so can someone please help me?

Slt e,ts eno2 mits an ni-balance b nga alina?tsis ina fa manao cou2 kel d tng d bnui e.
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Looking for a native English-French translator – work from h

Looking for a native English-French translator – work from home!

I'm looking for a Native English and French translator for a translation of a text of around 100 pages from English to French.

The requirements:
• The total project consists of about 100 pages to be translated from English to French.
• Please note that this text it is meant to be published for thousands of people to read it, accordingly
the translation should be ...
Read more : Looking for a native English-French translator – work from h | Zugriffe : 899 | Antworten : 0

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