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for our english speaking user.

Car rental in Mauritius

Does anyone have a good contact?

My husband is leasing a car (don't know the make and model), nothing fancy, for MUR 18000. I think it is a bit expensive.

What do you think?
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just for information , to apply for occupational visa as self employed, what kind of business on small scale can generate MUR 600,000 per year and how much in USD would be the initial investment. For self employed can I do a business on partnership and if so , should both partners generate MUR 600,000 each.
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Entering Mauritius

Hello everybody. We are from Lithuania, and we are comming to Mauritius in 7th of May for 3 months. Can you tell us more about entering the country? Do we have to show our evidence of sufficient funds for 3 month stay? If yes, so how to do that? We can get an invitation letter from our mauritian friend, but can you tell us what it should be like? Is there any official form for ...
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esl job oppertunities

I'm currently studying teaching english as a second langauge (esl) and was wondering if there was many job opportunities in that area for a native english speaker in mauritius. any one have any ideas? or heard of any job vacances in that field?

Any info on the topic would be great :he()
Read more : esl job oppertunities | Zugriffe : 793 | Antworten : 1

Another fishing question for June this year

Hi CFB2505 again

We are staying North West at the Legends hotel....

I have heard a few mixed reports about the weather and fishing in June with windy rough seas.

Could someone let me know if it would be worth reconsidering my trip for a different month, as we are after game sport fish, like tuna, shark, sailfish, Wahoo, Darado (Not Marlin) Moray eels etc. But concerned about rough sea's and not been able to ...
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Help with Mauritian budget

Hi all

I'm new here. My husband, I and our two kids (ages 6 and 2) will be relocating to Mauritius within the next two months.

Read more : Help with Mauritian budget | Zugriffe : 1338 | Antworten : 6

Weather and Shandrani


My first post so bare with me. I am coming over to Mauritius on April 26th and getting married at the Shandrani whilst we are there.

Could anyone tell me how the weather is at the moment in the South East and what I can expect whilst I am there. It is very difficult to get an accurate forecast in the UK.

Also has anyone stayed at the Shandrani? How is it?

Thanks, Andy
Read more : Weather and Shandrani | Zugriffe : 1329 | Antworten : 3

How much rain at the moment

I am arriving on 4th April somewhere to the north (La Victoria) for 2 week vacation. What is weather like at the moment?
Read more : How much rain at the moment | Zugriffe : 854 | Antworten : 6

Night life

Hi CFB Again

Planning our trip now, me and our best friend have to attend a weeding (fine)

however we will fish every day

we are staying at Legends hotel in the North West

Is it local to any good bars to get away from the hotel ? or a short taxi drive?

we are going to be there in June (i know the weather is not going to be great) but who cares !! ...
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Salary Expectation

Hi Guys,

Just wanted to know what is the base salary for a BI Analyst role with 4 years experience in Mauritius. I got an offer in Mauritius and I dont know how much to quote and still its in open. Any Expats with this information on market conditions, can you please reply at the earliest.

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