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International Matrimonial Agency in Mauritius?


Does anyone know if there are any international matrimonial agencies in Mauritius? If not, any recommendations?

Thanks for letting me know.

Read more : International Matrimonial Agency in Mauritius? | Zugriffe : 1861 | Antworten : 0

Kindergarten in Flacq

Just moved to Flacq and im desperately looking for a kindergarten for my 10 mths baby close by.. Any suggestion?
Read more : Kindergarten in Flacq | Zugriffe : 1662 | Antworten : 3

Freediving in Mauritius

Hi All

I'm heading over to Mauritius in June for a wedding and would love to be able to do some freediving while I'm there. I've looked around on the web and have found countless dive centres in Mauritius, but as yet haven't found one that offers freediving courses or training. Does anyone know of any freedivers in Mauritius? With the number of scuba diving instructors on the island, there must be a few who ...
Read more : Freediving in Mauritius | Zugriffe : 2580 | Antworten : 4

new number plates

we have to change our number pates for cars and bikes.
till now, i did not understand, what is the law right now
white plate in front yellow in the back...but does the plate needs a "signature", like who did the the plate?
or i get it wrong and anybody could the the numberplate? and when the law will fall in place now?
thanks for input ...
Read more : new number plates | Zugriffe : 4329 | Antworten : 4

Currency and swimming with dolphins


I am visitng Mauritius during May and staying in Point D'Esny. I’d like to enquire about currency, should I get Mauritian rupees from the UK or should I convert cash in Mauritius? I’ve read that the pound will get a higher exchange rate than getting rupees from the UK. Is this true, what is the current rate of rupee to the pound in Mauritius ?

Also I intend to do a days excursion swimming ...
Read more : Currency and swimming with dolphins | Zugriffe : 1723 | Antworten : 6

Swimming Pool Evaporation Rates

The link below provides an informed guide as to how much evaporation occurs from a pool. The estimates are done at Australian coastal towns which would accurately approximate climatic conditions in Mauritius. ... aporation/
Read more : Swimming Pool Evaporation Rates | Zugriffe : 10278 | Antworten : 10

Weather and mosquitoes in May?

We are looking forward the visiting Mauritius in May. I wonder what the weather is likely to be like during our stay. I have been given mixed messages as to the temperature ranges and if there is likely to be much rain? Also are there likely to be many mosquitoes or other biting insects in May? Mosquitoes alway enjoy eating me!!! Many thanks Jonny
Read more : Weather and mosquitoes in May? | Zugriffe : 2100 | Antworten : 2

A South African wanting to move to Mauritius

My mom is Mauritian so I will get my passport and citizenship(any tips on what I will need?-Im visiting your lovely country in April).The main problem is is that im 22 and a student at UNISA so I can work but not sure of what work to do?I don't need a high paying job,but as a student what would you recommend?

Kind regards

Sorry if these questions are asked all the time
Read more : A South African wanting to move to Mauritius | Zugriffe : 1232 | Antworten : 2

UV bug zappers kill friendly insects

Interesting article about the harmful effects of UV bug zappers on the "good" insects and the poor ability of UV bug zappers to kill biting insects, like female mosquitoes and biting flies.

And for the exact mechanism of how mosquitoes are attracted to humans,
Read more : UV bug zappers kill friendly insects | Zugriffe : 1433 | Antworten : 3

What to see during our stay?

Hi, we are travelling to Mauritius at the beginning of May for a couple of weeks. We are staying at Silver Beach and want to make sure we don't miss any really important bits! Please can anyone recommend any excursions or places to visit? We enjoy snorkelling, boat trips and general site seeing. Many thanks :wink)
Read more : What to see during our stay? | Zugriffe : 1818 | Antworten : 8

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