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A warning -to be forwarned is to be forearmed!!!!

From a friend I heard the following which took place in Mauritius recently, I can't vouch for it personally but it is certainly worth noting:

Please be informed and be careful on road. THIS IS HAPPENING IN MAURITIUS!!!!

Sad, especially if you are inclined to 'help' people...

While driving on a rural end of the roadway on Thursday morning, I saw an infant car seat on the side of the road with a ...
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Wireless Internet on Mauritius Island

I'm working in Mauritius for a few months, so i'm looking for an internet connection for my laptop.

I've heard there is wireless internet all over the island now, does anybody know about the companies offering this and prices?

Read more : Wireless Internet on Mauritius Island | Zugriffe : 1561 | Antworten : 1

Mauritius/Reunion/Madagascar from Jan-March

Hello to all,

My wife and I are semi-retired and spend several months each year travelling. I was born in the US.....she was born in France....and our 23 yo son and 27 yo daughter were born in Australia! So as you can see, we travel around-the-world just to visit our families! We are currently living in Paris.

We will be in Mauritius for the last three weeks of January, 2011 before taking a ship, the ...
Read more : Mauritius/Reunion/Madagascar from Jan-March | Zugriffe : 862 | Antworten : 0

43 days .... so excited

Sorry, just wanted to shout from the rooftops, that in 43 days time, I will be flying to Mauritius for my holiday, I am so excited and cannot wait. I just love Mauritius so much, such a beautiful island and such lovely friendly kind people.
Read more : 43 days .... so excited | Zugriffe : 967 | Antworten : 5

Residence Permit: doubts and news

Permit's rules are not so clear and, mostly recently, really all-changing...
I am here trying to understand better, I have read all the rules and the new differences, but i couldn't make everything clear, so I am asking for help, and I hope that this thread could be useful for others too

I have read here ( ... vised.html) that there are two kinds of Occupation permit: one ...
Read more : Residence Permit: doubts and news | Zugriffe : 14295 | Antworten : 23

Supermarkets in or nearH Belle Mare


I wonder if anyone knows of any good, reasonably priced (not touristy) supermarkets in or near Belle Mare where you can purchase soft drinks and snacks etc.


Read more : Supermarkets in or nearH Belle Mare | Zugriffe : 1764 | Antworten : 2


hi there, i am visiting mauritius on 21st august 2010 and have concerns about the weather!!
i have been looking at forecasts on the internet etc, but can anybody tell me what the weather is actually like at this time of year please??
is it warm enough to sunbathe?
does it go cold at night?
any information would be greatfully received.
thank you
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Need a photographer for our wedding

We are getting married on the 29th of August, and are looking for a good and professional photographer to catpture our magical day. Does anyone know of any?

Thank you!
Read more : Need a photographer for our wedding | Zugriffe : 1673 | Antworten : 4

employment agencies

Hi, I am looking for employment agencies that deal with hiring of personel for the mining industry within Africa, with a view to plumbing, construction or marketing and sales, for either Africa and Mauritius.
Many thanks
Read more : employment agencies | Zugriffe : 4619 | Antworten : 4

Studio to rent?

I'm looking for a studio to rent to open a yoga studio around Blue Bay/ Pointe D'Esny. Can anyone help me please
Read more : Studio to rent? | Zugriffe : 1251 | Antworten : 0

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