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…to supply cargo riceThe rice industry which has been experiencing difficulties of late may see a reversal of its fortune with the government securing a new overseas market.Bharrat Jagdeo, President of GuyanaAccording to an official close to the industry, the deal was brokered when President Bharrat Jagdeo attended the UN Climate Change summit in the United States of America recently.According to the source, Guyana and Venezuela have inked a deal for that country to buy ...
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There are two positive examinations on chia seeds and coronary illness and diabetes that are frequently refered to, however neither one of the points to long haul medical advantages of chia all alone. One examination took Chia seeds nutrition a gander at chia in mix with protein and soy, and the other just took a gander at comes about two hours in the wake of eating the seeds. In the mean time, an audit of ...
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