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Flop of the new system of the Mauritius Commercial Bank

Flop of the new system of the Mauritius Commercial Bank

Beitragvon Devora » Mi Nov 03, 2010 15:56

As you know, the Mauritius Commercial Bank (MCB) has launched their new internet banking platform and also migrated to a new internal banking information system. It is OK, but since some days, the MCB has received many complains about problems with their new core system.

As a corporate client since last week I’ve tried to report problems with payroll transactions using every mean of communication provided by the bank. We are already 3rd of November and majority of salary transactions have not been preceded yet, or re-proceeded because of the flop of their new system.

Guest what?

Numerous phone calls got stuck me to the MCB “voice box” practice (!). Come on, guys, pick up the phone. I am your CLIENT!

Exchanged e-mails between MCB Relationship Managers and Seniors resulted to generous promises and zero actions (!).

I have only one question. Why me and many other businesses and individuals have to pay the price due to a mistake of the Mauritius Commercial Bank itself?

I hope they are still professionals left among the MCB staff.

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