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Largest Fuel Reduction System in the world!

Largest Fuel Reduction System in the world!

Beitragvon stefan » Sa Apr 18, 2015 14:52

DHYBRID has completed the largest Fuel Reduction System in the world!

A pioneering shopping mall on Mauritius

As reported in September 2014, DHYBRID Power Systems was awarded a second contract on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean.

DHYBRID and its local partner have installed a DHYBRID Fuel Reduction System for hybrid energy supply for a French supermarket chain. Commissioning of the system was completed on 19 March.

The contract for the implementation of this project was awarded to DHYBRID by a private company. The DHYBRID Fuel Reduction System is designed to serve as a grid-parallel hybrid self-consumption system in combination with diesel generators. The control system of the DHYBRID Fuel Reduction System prevents energy feed-in to the public grid and ensures that 100% of the self-generated power is consumed by the supermarket.

Alongside the achievement of significant savings on energy costs and diesel fuel, an additional challenge presented by this project was the collection and storage of excess solar energy for use for other purposes during the night. This excess self-generated solar energy is stored in existing special ice storage tanks. The energy that is stored by freezing water to form ice is released again during the night for refrigeration of foodstuffs and for the air-conditioning system. This is a new approach in the area of energy supply.

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS) was installed as a back-up for the information and communications systems – in particular for the cash register systems and emergency lighting. The modern energy storage equipment ensures that the shopping complex can operate autonomously at maximum load for four times as long as conventional UPSs.

The entire system took eight weeks to install. 4,704 solar modules, 70 inverters, the energy storage system, over 108 km of solar cables, a DHYBRID FRS Main Controller and seven DHYBRID FRS interfaces were installed and handed over to the client on time.

The DHYBRID FRS has an overall capacity of 1.2 MW and will supply a calculated annual yield of approximately 1,800,000 kWh. This corresponds to annual diesel savings of around 500,000 liters.


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