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Touristen im Pamplemousses Garden attackiert und beraubt

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Touristen im Pamplemousses Garden attackiert und beraubt

Beitragvon wickus » Mo Mai 18, 2015 22:20 ... -au-cutter
In English:
Injuries to the arm and head. This is the result of the aggression suffered by three French nationals, Thursday, May 14, at the Pamplemousses garden. The incident occurred at midday. While they were walking in the garden, a couple and a young girl were accosted by thugs armed with a cutter. They tried to snatch the purse of the lady. His companion is interposed. In the struggle, he was blessé.Il received care at the hospital Jeetoo.

Organized gang

Thieves have them, fled, leaving behind the handbag. However, the license plate of the vehicle in which they have rushed has been identified.

In the sectors concerned, it is noted that these thieves would be part of an organized gang. "They have nothing to do with pickpockets. These people are experienced and operate within a network. "

At the Ministry of Agro Industry, explains that recently, two police officers are stationed permanently in the garden during visiting hours. "The police are there but they can not be everywhere at once. They patrol. The robbers, they, know where and when to operate. "

...und dann noch von einer Bekannten gehört dass sich Ihre Hunde im Zuckerrohrfeld mit ausgelegten, präparierten Ködern vergiftet haben. [mad]

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moris forum membre a'élite
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