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Beitragvon wayneauger22 » Sa Aug 12, 2017 14:42

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It is not lone effort but that a class of people is required to overcome lack of ethics and criminality. Hence under such dire situations always such a class remains alert which in spiritual terminology are called divine personages or human gods or generally are called great men, crest jewels etc. Generally this class of people always exists. Earth never has lack of spiritual seers, gentlemanly people and devotees of God and yet due to flooding of demonic activities they appear submerged. Just as in hot summer grass blades get burnt in the same way due to lack of encouragement divine activities dry up but whenever Mahakal blows his bugle for a balancing act those very unconscious, withered divine men like grass becoming green due to dew drops again awaken and faithfully show their prowess.
Later Mendel, Hugo de Vries carried out more experiments to prove that a creature’s genetic progress is dependent on the chromosomes present in the cells of their parent’s body. Harvard University’s Dr. James Watson and Cambridge University’s Dr. Francis Crick conducted further research on the structure of the cell and discovered the existence of chromosomes. They showed that chromosomes are made up genes. It is said that if this chromosome which is a tightly packed cluster of genes is unwound its measure would be of the periphery of this entire world. After the discovery of genes modern science has taken up other directions of research. So far scientists have failed to unearth the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent principle that is the substratum of the gene and which creates and demolishes this world. No doubt scientists have conclusively proved that 1.The entire world of animate and inanimate beings has evolved from one single principle and 2.Living beings evolve on the basis of various qualities imbibed by them.

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jette ene coup d'oeil
jette ene coup d'oeil
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