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Le Cannonier Strand

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Le Cannonier Strand

Beitragvon silviadg » Fr Nov 03, 2006 20:07

Gibt es niemand dass kann mir infos uber den Strand Hotel Le Cannonier geben? Bitte auf English...ich kann nur ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen.
Vielen Dank

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Info Mauritius Annonce

Beitragvon Bere » Sa Nov 18, 2006 19:28



Neues kann ich erst am 18.12.06 berichten, wenn wir wieder zurück kommen.
Fehler sind immer zu verzeihen,
wenn man den Mut hat, diese auch zuzugeben.

Man kann dir den Weg weisen, gehen musst du ihn selbst...
B. Lee

World of Warcraft Gilde
content partagé
content partagé
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Beitragvon Sharon » Do Nov 23, 2006 19:04

Hi SilviaDG

Several days ago i have written a very long information about our holiday in the Le Cannonier Hotel, i sent in to your private account. But i now checked my outgoing mails and your name is not mentioned...weird.

Ok, short information: The beach is really nice, not too crowded. But swimming is nearly impossible, you definately need shoes. And snorkeling is not spectacular as everything is grey and "dead". We have seen only some small black fish, snails and some yellow fish, thats it. We went with a catamarin (you can book it directly in the hotel) to Gabriel Island for snorkeling, that was great. 5 Dolphins joined us! And snorkeling was fantastic as you find an intact underwater-area. We paid 35€/persons, including a lobster Barbeque and unlimited drinks. I do not drink any alcohol, so i was happy with water and coke but many persons took the opportunity to drink more rum than they should have... :roll:

At all, i can really recommend the hotel, its located in a very nice surrounding, has a fantastic spa , nice restaurant and for us, the beach was absolutely ok. But if you would like to swim, no, that won't work, the riff is very, very close to the beach.

But only 20 minutes by feet you will come to the public beach Mont Choisi, there you will have better possibilities. And you can buy fresh fruit and drinks, samosas etc. Its great over there.

Hope, this helped a bit.

moris explorater
moris explorater
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Beitragvon Kathy » Fr Nov 24, 2006 16:30

I agree with Sharon. You should walk over to Mon Choisy passing the beach of Club Med.
Mon Choisy is a large public beach. On weekends, it gets crowded, otherwise, almost nobody. On sunny days, the colour of the sea is spectacular.
**Mo kontan Moris**
spécialist moris
spécialist moris
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