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we are still looking forward to the .

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we are still looking forward to the .

Beitragvon missdior » Fr Mai 18, 2018 13:33

Chinese police escort a fugitive caught in the "Fox Hunt." Photo: CFP
In April Cheap Nike Air Presto BR All Black , China launched a new initiative to track down officials and those accused of economic crimes, the "Skynet" operation, which mostly focuses on people who fled to Western countries such as the US, Canada or Australia. The operation requires cooperation from Australia, but this joint effort has faced some hurdles.

Every evening, in a suburb near Perth, western Australia Cheap Nike Cortez Ultra Moire , Hu Yuxing goes on a walk with his wife and grandson.

Hu, 60, came to Australia in 2002 and his neighbors said he seemed to be a peaceful man who never got into an argument with anyone.

But earlier this year, he was seen brawling with a reporter from the Sydney Morning Herald, while his wife shrieked "It's the Chinese government's fault, we didn't do anything wrong," the Phoenix Weekly magazine reported.

Hu was the director of the Housing Reform Office of Taiyuan Cheap Nike Cortez Classic , Shanxi Province in the 1990s. He allegedly committed financial malpractice and fled to Australia.

This April, the Central Anti-Corruption Coordination Group of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI) launched a new initiative called "Skynet" to hunt down officials suspected of corruption and those accused of economic crimes that have fled overseas. The group issued a wanted list of 100 people, one of whom was Hu.

Avoiding the net

Unlike the "Fox Hunt" operation launched last year, which targeted fugitives hiding in Asia or Africa, the Skynet list directly targets people in Western countries. The US, Canada and New Zealand have 40, 26 and 11 fugitives respectively and Australia was the 4th popular hideout with 10 people.

Most of the officials and economic criminals on the run in Australia chose to live in big cities Cheap Nike Cortez , like Sydney or Melbourne, where there are large Chinese communities, according to the Phoenix Weekly.

These individuals usually migrate to Australia in three ways. They either obtain Australian citizenship, send their family members abroad first and then join them later or start a Sino-Australian cooperation project and go there in the name of work before disappearing.

An insider told the Phoenix Weekly that these people are keen to transfer their ill-gotten gains to overseas bank accounts and some local lawyers and immigration agencies are helping them to do so.

Many found it easy to hide in these communities, until the Skynet list came out.

Hu Yuxing is one of those people. In 2002, the Taiyuan government launched an audit into its real estate and housing reform bureaus and found the Housing Reform Office had been abusing its power and had illegally lent out 319 million yuan ($50,419 Cheap Nike Air Vapormax Flyknit ,000). Hu himself is accused of using his position to secure many business deals for personal profit.

But when the Taiyuan procuratorate was preparing to prosecute Hu, he disappeared.

Then came 10 years of silence, until the Skynet list was made public.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, when its reporter found Hu and asked him about the list, he became agitated, punched the reporter in the face and threw his camera on the ground.

Last year, the Australian government declared it will work with China to track down the people on the wanted list.

Hiding tigers

Some suspect the 100-person list is only the first phase of Skynet. When it was released Cheap Nike Air Vapormax , people were surprised that some famous corrupt officials were not on the list, such as Gao Yan.

Nobody foresaw Gao's escape. He was once the governor of Jilin Province, and later became the CEO of China State Grid.

He often used his power to secure deals for his relatives. With his help, his family signed contracts for 18 electric engineering projects, with a total worth of 500 million yuan.

His son, Gao Xinyuan, also acquired projects for acquaintances. The bribes he received totaled more than 10 million yuan.

In 2002 Cheap Nike Air Presto Womens , Gao Yan fled to Australia.

In 2003, the Hubei procuratorate detained Gao Xinyuan and sentenced him to five years in prison. He was released in 2008 and never appeared in public again. Along with him, the chances of finding his father also seem to have vanished.

The Phoenix Weekly checked Australian voter registration, company registration and real estate trade records, but couldn't find either Gao Yan or Gao Xinyuan's names.

A journalist in Australia told the Phoenix Weekly that Gao might have changed his identity and may have even gotten plastic surgery, making it more difficult to track him down.

If Gao is still alive, he would now be 73. There isn't much time left to bring him to justice. But finding and deporting these people requires a great deal of effort from the Australian authorities.

Honeymoon over?

During the 2014 Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation meetings in Beijing Cheap Nike Air Presto White , Australia and other member countries signed the "Anti-Corruption Declaration," a gesture seen as a precursor to beginning operations to track down China's fugitive officials and economic criminals.

The Australian Federal Police told media in the following few months that Australian and Chinese police were beginning to cooperate to crack down on illegal financial trading and money laundering. Also, the two countries' police forces had confirmed a wanted list.

At that time, Australian media reported in depth the cooperation between the two countries, according to the Phoenix Weekly. Some commented that Australia shouldn't be a safe haven for Chinese fugitives.

But now the "honeymoon period" seems to be over, after about half a year of cooperation. Controversies have started to appear, especially after the Chinese police arrested an official with Australian citizenship Cheap Nike Air Presto Ultra Flyknit , Xie Renliang.

Xie was CEO of a company in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. In 1996, in order to save his company from bankruptcy, he forged the official seal of a s

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